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Canes Ranked Again in Coaches Poll

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Miami is 25th following their bye week

NCAA Football: Miami at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Following a week off, the Miami Hurricanes find themselves once again ranked in the Coaches Poll, up to 25th following losses by Colorado and Cincinnati. Previously unranked in the Coaches, the Canes still find themselves way down in the AP, with only 34 points via voting.

As was said last week, when Miami was unranked in both polls, the Canes have much larger things to worry about than the number next to their name. Votes will come and that number will continue to shrink as long as the this team finds ways to win games. If Miami wins out and is in the ACC Championship game, voters will have to put them within the top 15 of programs in the nation.

Of course, this current Miami team, for it’s woes at offensive line, play-caller and quarterback consistency, probably won’t finish better than 9-3. Richt has already named Malik Rosier the starter against Boston College and, unless the Eagles completely melt down at home in a night atmosphere, Miami will likely find a way to lose should Rosier play the majority of the snaps.

Even if Richt pulls Rosier when he inevitably struggles and puts N’kosi Perry in, how confident will the young gunslinger be? Richt has babied him with play-calling and a conservative Perry, not wanting to get yanked, may be more tepid with his throws.

Miami is a mess right now and serious steps are going to have to be made if this team and the rank next to their name is to be taken seriously.