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Miami Heads to Boston College for Another “Trap” Game

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Miami’s visit to Boston College on Friday night has already been projected as a ‘trap’ game for the ‘Canes. Can they avoid defeat?

Miami v Georgia Tech Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Miami’s loss at Virginia was a shock to most, especially for the fans. Mark Richt’s game plan was fireable, the execution was sloppy, and many mistakes were made. By Friday, much time will have passed since the weak showing, but the competition doesn’t get easier.

We all know how streaky the ‘Canes have been under Mark Richt, but the pressure is insurmountable to salvage this season. Another loss would potentially eliminate Miami from ACC Championship contention, and result in a disappointing season that was prefaced by high expectations.

Boston College (5-2, 2-1 Conf.), holds the same record as Miami; making this a massively important game for both programs. The ‘Canes are definitely under more pressure though, as they know 5-2 isn’t where this team should be. Righting the ship on Friday night would prove critics wrong, and restore confidence in Mark Richt’s direction.

However, confidence and hope have not grown, as Malik Rosier was named the starting quarterback for this week’s contest. It’s worsened the fan’s opinion of Richt, and rightfully so. N’Kosi Perry, despite struggling in the first quarter 2 weeks ago, is undoubtedly more talented than Rosier, but Richt is still fumbling between them both. Unless Malik Rosier plays ‘out of his mind,’ this decision will ultimately result in more disappointment for Miami.

Regardless of our opinions, starting Malik over N’Kosi is something that Richt believes in. Hopefully, Rosier can play well and lead us to victory, but we all know how unlikely that is.

Against Virginia, Miami’s defense was still stout and only allowed 16 points by the game’s conclusion. The same performance will be asked of them, as Boston College’s crowd will be hyped up to host the ‘Canes. Forcing turnovers, and giving the hostile crowd less to cheer about will be the top priorities.

As for Richt and the offense, there was no excuse to only score 13 points against Virginia, and there will still be no excuse for them again if a similar performance ensues.

Miami isn’t a team with nothing to lose, but that could easily change if the ‘Canes falter this Friday. Mark Richt must ‘open up’ the playbook in order for Miami to have success on offense, and needs to coach like everything is on the line. This game and every remaining game for that matter can make or break this season, and Mark Richt needs to prepare accordingly if he doesn’t want “Fire Mark Richt” banners flying over Hard Rock Stadium.

Knowing what to do, and actually doing it, is always easier said than done. Mark Richt would be the first to tell us that; but hopefully, he won’t have to if the ‘Canes return home as victors.