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Miami Must Get Offensive VS BC

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The offense has to show signs of life in Friday’s must-win

NCAA Football: Miami at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

When Miami travels to play it’s most northern matchup in six years, one side of the ball will show up to play. After some early season concerns, the Hurricanes’ championship-caliber defense has balled out game after game, grabbing tackles for loss in handfuls while flaunting the Turnover Chain proudly.

What is impossible to know before the two teams take the field is if the Miami offense, on the milk carton for most of the season, will show up in this must-win game. Improvements must be made and now that Mark Richt’s honeymoon is over, the head coach and play caller needs to show that he can make adjustments and fix this inept offense.

The first step? Fix the predictable, uninventive playcalling that has haunted Richt for the majority of his time in Coral Gables. With an entire bye week to step back and collect his thoughts, CMR needs to realize that he needs to radically change the way he calls plays. More formations, more passing combinations, more misdirection plays are needed to help get the offense out of the mud. Anything less than that would be myopic on the part of the play caller.

Where are the wildcat plays we saw Richt run with Deejay Dallas at the end of last season? Those plays were huge boosts to the offense in last year’s thrashing of Notre Dame. In 2018, they’re nowhere to be found. What happened to all the quick screens Richt liked to run? Jeff Thomas is a YAC expert. Brevin Jordan is the perfect TE to execute tight end screens, more agile than guys like Chris Herndon and David Njoku who still had great success in this role.

Richt must also have a very short leash with Malik Rosier, whether the senior QB likes it or not. If the Miami offense can’t put up points in the first quarter, it’s time to put Rosier on the bench permanently and let N’Kosi Perry take over. In my opinion, Rosier should’ve never left the pine to begin with but we are past that point. Richt has made him the starting QB and all of us, from the team to the fans, must live with it.

But just like he did against FIU, Richt needs to see the writing on the wall if Rosier can’t get the offense moving. A QB who can’t throw, an o-line that can’t block and a play caller that can’t shake-up the offense is the sort of combination that leads to 13 point outings against an average defense like Virginia’s. Richt must be ready to put Perry in the game before it gets too out of hand. Can we have faith in him to do that? I’m not sure, even bordering on no. But if Miami wants to expects to spark their offense, they need to be ready to move on from no. 12.

Miami is going to need to pass that dreadful 13-point threshold that they reached last game in order to beat Boston College. The defense should be able to limit A.J. Dillion and the rest of the Eagles’ attack but shutting them out isn’t likely. Dillion is still one of the best backs in America and will get his touches, yards and likely, a touchdown or two. If Richt can’t coach this team to a win, the bright red flags that are impossible to look away from following last game’s defeat will be even brighter. Miami needs to have an offensive resurgence Friday to beat Boston College and prove the season isn’t over yet. Whether that happens will rest on Mark Richt’s shoulders.