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Can Miami Keep Manny Diaz as Defensive Coordinator?

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Due to the defensive success that Miami has had this season, teams will undoubtedly be interested in hiring Manny Diaz as a Head Coach.

NCAA Football: ACC Championship-Clemson vs Miami Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Manny Diaz, a lifelong Assistant Coach/Coordinator, has had his most success at The U. Miami stands at number 2 in total defense thus far, in addition to other categories they rank highly in. That kind of success hasn’t gone unnoticed, and teams looking for a new Head Coach will surely take note.

Miami’s Assistant Coaches have been pursued before, as Ron Dugans was heavily recruited by Florida State, while Craig Kuligowski moved to Alabama last season. Richt’s staff still hasn’t seen many changes, but Manny Diaz is obviously the highest-profile Assistant.

However, the money that Miami has invested in their coaches is reassuring, as continuity bodes well for the entire program. Al Golden and Randy Shannon were bargain deals in comparison to the salaries that some FBS coaches have, so it’s no wonder why Miami’s past Assistants left year after year.

If Manny Diaz remains as Miami’s Defensive Coordinator, we could easily see him being promoted to Head Coach following Richt’s retirement/departure. Richt has had a long career, but there’s no telling how long his tenure at Miami will be. At 58 years old, another decade of coaching may be in store.

Manny Diaz may be the Head Coach in waiting after all, but it still won’t be easy to keep him on the staff if he is heavily pursued by other schools.

As the month of October winds down, teams across the nation are beginning their search for their next coach. Whether it’s a higher-up position or higher salary, Miami should do everything possible to satisfy Manny Diaz.