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Miami vs Boston College Game Recap - The Canes fall again, this time in Boston

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BC takes down the Canes 27-14 as Miami drops their second-straight ACC game.

NCAA Football: Miami at Boston College
Malik Rosier and the offense weren’t up to par on Friday evening.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a long 2 weeks for Canes fans after a poor performance against Virginia, followed by a bye week. Friday night’s matchup in Chestnut Hill on Red Bandana night did not alleviate the fan’s concerns, as the Canes dropped their second-straight game.

First Quarter

The Canes start the game with the ball first, and manage to gain only one first down before stalling out after a collection of short pass plays and inside zone runs. Miami’s first punt pins BC at their own 12. The Golden Eagles carved through the Canes vaunted defense with a 3 minute 28 second 10 play 88 yard drive to reach the endzone on their first try. The BC drive started with a 20-yard run from AJ Dillon, included a WR pass back to QB Anthony Brown and ended with a Anthony Brown TD pass. 7-0 Boston College.

Deejay Dallas helped jumpstart the offense with a 53-yard kickoff return to give the Canes great field position. A well-executed swing pass from Malik Rosier to Travis Homer put Miami on the edge of the redzone, and Rosier followed that with an 11-yard run for a first down. On 3rd and 7 from the 13, Rosier finished off the drive with a well-thrown fade to Darrell Langham Jr, who secured the ball over a defender and dropped his right foot in bounds for the touchdown (it was originally ruled incomplete, but overturned after a review). 7-7.

BC started the next drive similar to their first with some solid running by AJ Dillon, and another WR pass from Jeff Smith, which put the Eagles in the redzone. BC finished the 77-yard drive on the ground this time, with another outside run by AJ Dillon, followed by a 5-yard TD run by QB Anthony Brown. 14-7 Boston College.

Miami begins the next drive at the 39-yard line after another solid return by Deejay Dallas, and tried their own trick play with Deejay Dallas catching a backwards pass and trying to throw it downfield, but it was broken up by BC. The Canes would go 3-and-out, and another serviceable punt by Zach Feagles pushed the Eagles back to their own 17.

As has been the case so far, the unfavorable field position did not deter the BC offense, and QB Anthony Brown found his tight ends for consecutive downfield passes to close out the opening period. 14-7 Boston College after 1.

Second Quarter

Boston College continues marching down the field on their current drive, with an even mix of run and pass plays keeping the ball moving down the field, but an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on BC temporarily stalled their progress. The Eagles were not phased, and just went back to their smashmouth style of offense, riding the running of AJ Dillon all the way to the Miami 2-yard line. The Canes defense showed up with their backs against the wall, forcing a BC field goal. Still, a 20-play 74-yard drive. 17-7 BC.

Another great kickoff return by Deejay Dallas puts Miami in solid field position for another drive. The Canes start opening up the playbook with a series of intermediate passes to Brevin Jordan and Jeff Thomas moving offense down the field. A speed option kept by Malik Rosier and some decent inside runs by Travis Homer helped setup the final play, a 10-yard Deejay Dallas TD run out of the Wildcat. The offense showed much more urgency on the drive and close the deficit to 3. 17-14 Boston College.

The next BC drive is their least successful of the game, as they manage only one first down and stall out at their own 45 after the Miami defense makes a quality stop. BC is able to flip the field and pin the Canes inside their own 5-yard line with their first punt of the evening. The Canes offense is unable to work their way out of the poor field position, and have to punt out of the back of the endzone.

Despite their first great field position of the evening, BC’s offense is unable to capitalize, going three-and-out. With less than 2 minutes left until halftime, the Canes were able to work their way into BC territory thanks to a couple of scrambles by Rosier, but the Canes quest for a field goal fell short after a near-interception thrown by Rosier followed by a sack to end the half. 17-14 Boston College. The Canes defense allowed 294 yards in the first half despite only giving up 237 yards per game heading into the game. BC outgained the Miami offense by over 120 yards, with the Canes gaining 79 yards through the air and 92 on the ground.

Third Quarter

BC starts the second half with the ball, and the offense picked up where it left off in the first half, as AJ Dillon breaks another 19-yard run. The Eagles stall out due to a sack by Jonathan Garvin and Pat Bethel, and punt it away pinning the Canes on their own 6 for their first offensive possession of the second half.

The Canes would convert 2 first downs to work their way out of their own end, thanks to a 17-yard reception by Darrell Langham Jr and a couple of short catches by Jeff Thomas, but BC would force the first turnover of the game when a pair of BC lineman hit Malik Rosier mid-throw, popping the ball straight up in the air, which was batted around only to end up in the hands of a defender and returned deep into Miami territory. The Canes D would make another goalline stand, forcing the Eagles to settle for another field goal. 20-14 Boston College.

For the first time all game, Deejay Dallas did not provide the Canes with great field position, as the kickoff bounces off of his leg and goes out at the 3-yard line. Dallas makes up for it with a 9-yard run to start the drive, but Malik Rosier throws a crippling interception (his 2nd of the night) which gives BC the ball at the Miami 14-yard line. BC would score on the next play as AJ Dillon bounces a run to the outside and beats the defense around the edge for the touchdown. 27-14 Boston College.

The Canes next drive ended before it started as an incompletion on a deep throw was followed by a sack. The Canes punt away again, but two plays later the Turnover Chain made it’s first appearance of the game as Romeo Finley picked off Anthony Brown.

The next drive for the Miami offense would be sparked by a 21-yard keeper by Malik Rosier, putting the Canes in the redzone. Which takes us to the end of the third quarter. 27-14 Boston College.

Fourth Quarter

The QB run continues to be the chosen medium for the offense, as Rosier continues to try to will the ball into the endzone, but is stopped short. After giving the Wildcat with Deejay Dallas another shot to no avail, Mark Richt dials up another fade to Darrell Langham Jr on fourth down, which is broken up. Still 27-14 Boston College.

The BC offense starts bleeding the clock on the back of a couple of AJ Dillon runs, only for Anthony Brown to keep the read option to the tune of 43 yards. After 3 stuffed run plays, the Eagles go for it on 4th and 7 and convert on a slant route, keeping the clock rolling. The drive would end with a missed field goal attempt, but the drive still served its purpose, eating 7 minutes and 15 seconds of game clock.

The Canes offense comes back on the field and is reduced to a 12-yard fumble recovery by Jahair Jones as the only useful play (it was called back for a flag). Miami would throw 3 incompletions before before Rosier would try to scramble on 4th and 10, only to be stopped well short. Miami turns the ball over on downs for the second time on the night.

The rest of the fourth quarter consisted of BC killing the clock, and the Canes throwing dink-and-dunk passes until they turned it over on downs for the final time. Final score: 27-14 Boston College.

Final Thoughts:

Miami is now 5-6 in their last 11 games dating back to last season. AJ Dillon had his way with the Miami front seven, finishing with 32 carries for 149 yards and a touchdown. Mark Richt’s decision to stick with Malik Rosier will likely be scrutinized once again, as Rosier finished 18/35 for 149 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. BC outgained the Canes 426-290. Miami now sits at 2-2 in conference play. Next up for the Canes is a home matchup with Duke.