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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Boston College Edition

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Things either stayed bad or got worse. You decide.

Miami v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Friends, we have problems.

The Miami Hurricanes lost again, this time to the Boston College Eagles 27-14.

Here’s our game recap by Evan Hadrick

Here are our 3 stars from the game by Matt Washington

And now, well, you know what time it is.

The Good

  • Malik Rosier’s start. 2/2 on the first drive (which ended in a punt). 2-3 and a beautiful TD to Darrel Langham on the 2nd drive. And, some timely running. Credit where it’s due, Rosier started the game well.
  • Here’s Langham’s TD catch (also look at the ball placement from Rosier; perfect throw)
  • S Sheldrick Redwine. A career-high 14 tackles and a big PBU on a 3rd down play. Redwine was fast and physical all night long.
  • S Jaquan Johnson and LB Michael Pinckney. Each had 10 tackles and 0.5 TFL on the night. Not perfect, but good nonetheless.
  • STRIKER Romeo Finley. Only 3 tackles on the night, but a TFL, Sack, and INT to his credit, as well. Finley’s pick was the only turnover gained by the defense on the night.
  • 8 TFLs (tough to generate bc BC’s running backs are gigantic and always fall forward)
  • 1 sack
  • 1 INT
  • 5 PBU
  • Held BC to 6/18 on 3rd downs (higher than our average, but still good)
  • 8 chunk plays (3 passing, 5 rushing)
  • 8/17 on 3rd downs.

The Bad

  • Losing. Losing is always bad. It sucks. I hate it.
  • 6/18 3rd downs allowed. It was good bc it was below national average, but bad bc it was well above Miami’s team average this year.
  • 0 points on the 1 Boston College turnover
  • Getting outgained by 128 yards (433 to 305)
  • Only 305 total offense. That is a REGRESSION from the 339 total offense Miami posted in the game at Virginia 2 weeks ago.
  • 4.1 yards per play
  • 5.2 yards per play allowed
  • 9 chunk plays allowed (4 passing, 5 rushing)
  • Allowing 149 yards rushing to AJ Dillon. Yes, he’s good. Yes, he’s huge. No, giving up nearly 150 to any single player is not good. It’s bad. So I’m calling it bad.
  • Tackling. Whether Dillon or others, Miami failed to wrap up on BC offensive players several times. Bad.

The Ugly

  • Not only losing, but the way Miami lost. No urgency on offense in the 2nd half, when Miami was shut out. Just, lethargic and malaise. Disgusting.
  • 1st 3 BC drives for the defense. BC opened the playbook with no less than 5 exotic plays, including 2 throwback screens. Miami’s defense was pretty bad, giving up drives of 86, 79, and 77 yards en route to a 17-7 (Miami scored thereafter to make it 17-14) deficit. Things changed, but the beginning? woof.
  • Both of Malik Rosier’s interceptions. The first was tipped around by like 7 players (no exaggeration) before being picked off. You can see it here:
  • The other interception was a stare down of Jeff Thomas on the only route Miami threw for like 5 straight drives: a slant. So, bad playcall, bad “read”, bad throw. Interception. Horrible.
  • Review not calling targeting on BC. The defender clearly hit Darrel Langham helmet to helmet, led with his helmet, and launched himself into Langham on a 4th down play early in the 4th quarter. It was the very epitome of the letter, spirit, and intent of the targeting rule. Miami has had multiple players get ejected and suspended for much less than that, but to have that play NOT called targeting is malfeasance by the ACC.
  • Allowed 3/3 4th down conversions to BC.
  • Refused to show any urgency in the 4th quarter, when down by 2 TDs, and operating the offense at a moderate pace, at best.
  • Malik Rosier after the first couple drives. Look, he’s not good enough to play here, and it is unacceptable that Mark Richt continue to play him. I could elaborate, but I’ve done so for the better part of a year and a half. Rosier is who he is, and who he is is not good enough to play here. It is coaching malpractice to continue to put him in the game.
  • Speaking of coaching malpractice, Mark Richt, yet again. Playcalling wasn’t great, but there were more wrinkles than seen in previous games. There was a fake jet sweep, counter trey. There were 2 speed options. There were 2 Wildcat plays. There were other base plays that had guys open. But, when another coaching decision is to play a substandard player intentionally, that’s ugly and even the best plays — and let me be clear, there were some guys who were WIDE OPEN tonight — won’t work.
  • Example? Sure. Miami called a go route for Jeff Thomas on 3rd and long. He got behind both defenders to his side of the field, and was open by 15 yards. Rosier loaded up and threw the ball in Thomas’s direction. The ball, thrown with all Rosier’s might, was 15 yards underthrown, and nearly intercepted. The play worked. The protection worked. The route worked. But the ball wasn’t on time, and it wasn’t able to get there after it was thrown, regardless of timing. That is emblematic of how playing Malik Rosier is a wholesale disservice to the offense and team.
  • The decision not to play N’Kosi Perry. Richt said earlier in the week the plan was to play Perry. When Rosier went cold (and oh buddy, did he ever go cold), Perry should have come in. After the game, when asked by the assembled media, Richt said he never thought about nor ever had any intention to play Perry. If Perry was suspended — which, for all intents and purposes, he was — for the video of him holding money on social media, then say that. But to be intentionally misleading, and sacrifice another game for the sake of continuing to play Malik Rosier is unacceptable from Richt. Period.
  • 6 penalties for 28 yards. This would be much more yardage, but there were so many “half the distance” penalties that the yardage is low. The impact was large, though.
  • 3 sacks allowed.
  • 7.9 yards per completion
  • 3.85 yards per pass attempt. dink and dunk. blah.
  • At least 5 drops

Team Grades

Offense: F

Malik Rosier is not good enough to play here. The offense, which was terrible at Virginia, statistically regressed from that game. Mark Richt’s insistence on playing Rosier obviously impacted the gameplan, which was pared down to try to cover for Rosier’s deficiencies, and couldn’t even do that past the first couple drives. This unit is a tirefire.

Defense: C+

Yes, the unit rebounded after a tough start, but that tough start still counts. At the end, they gave up points after a couple bad Miami turnovers, but the damage had already been down. Pressure wasn’t as present as it needed to be. 2 Safeties and an LB combined for 34 tackles. That’s too many from the 2nd and 3rd levels of the defense.

Special Teams: C+

DeeJay Dallas had a few good kick returns, but fielded one and stepped out/touched the ball down at the 3. Zach Feagles’ punting was fine, but not great. Bubba Baxa was 2/2 on XPs. The demerit was a bad punt return by Jeff Thomas, who was tackled at the 5 after losing yards, and Miami was backed up further by not one but 2 blocks in the back on the play (only the worst one was accepted, but the point remains).

Coaching: Fireable

Why reinvent the wheel here? And I quote from the Virginia Edition of Good, Bad, and Ugly:

An atrocious showing by Mark Richt personally as head coach and offensive coordinator. The choice with flimsy — at best — foundation to bench (not play) Perry for Rosier cost Miami the game. Full stop. And the horrible, predictable, conservative playcalling was worse than ever. (okay, it was a bit better today, but the handicap of the QB didn’t really make a difference)

I am not exaggerating when I say this is fireable. Not for Richt at HC, but for several coaches on the staff. Richt needs to be forced to fire himself and hire a real OC. He needs to fire his QB coach (IDC IDC IDC THAT THAT’S HIS SON!!! HE NEEDS TO GO). He needs to fire the OL coach. This game should rightfully cost people their jobs.

I am DISGUSTED by the cowardly decision to bench (not play) Perry, and further disgusted by the lack of preparation and terrible performance seen by the Canes today.

This loss is 100% on Mark Richt. Heavy is the head blah blah blah. But you’re the coach, you made some terrible decisions, and you cost your team a win by playing a marginally talented player with average performance at best.

Changes need to be made and they need to be made now. Period.

Yeah. That. Rinse and repeat. And I don’t mean that in any kind of good way.

That’s it for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Go Canes