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Return to the Golden Years

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Scoring a combined 30 points in the last 2 games is inexcusable, but ‘inexcusable’ seems to have become the norm with Mark Richt.

Miami v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Miami’s showing against Virginia was thought to be the most Golden-esque performance since Richt’s hire, but that was topped by Friday night’s disaster.

The game plan, and lack of scoring in the last 2 contests is fireable, plain and simple. The players and fans know that Miami’s offense has the tools to score 40+ in every contest. Sadly, that’s a far cry from reality, and improvement doesn’t seem imminent.

Mark Richt had almost 2 weeks to prepare a new attack for Boston College, but instead of progress, we saw regression. Not only did Miami score less than they did against Virginia, but they were held scoreless the entire second half.

Losing to inferior teams was supposed to be a thing of the past when it came to Miami. Now, the ‘Canes sit at 5-3 on the year, with 2 conference losses. Dreams of the College Football Playoff have already been crushed, and hopes of reaching the ACC Championship Game are just about extinguished.

So, 3 years after the firing of Al Golden, how much better are we? Our record, wasted chances, and misuse of talent leads us to believe that the disparity isn’t as grand as we had hoped. Last season’s 10 game win streak was a wonderful ride, but the honeymoon is over. Reality is here, and it’s bringing pressure that Mark Richt can’t handle.

Miami still has great talent on their roster, and an easy schedule; there’s no excuse for them to have 3 losses at this point of the season. Changes have been ignored all season, and it’s clear that Malik Rosier is Richt’s equivalent to Golden’s “trust the process” crutch.

The most concerning part is the University’s devotion to Richt, and the fact that he’s signed through 2023. If things continue like this, Miami doesn’t have a ton of options albeit a massively expensive buyout. It’s well known that Miami needs a new play caller, but if taking that away from Richt means he won’t want to stay, the fans and players may have to continue to watch games as agonizing as Friday’s.

As Miami Hurricane fans, we demand greatness and have the right to. Mediocrity has no business here, but that’s exactly where this season is headed. The ‘Canes limp back to Miami once again, in hopes of turning this ship around.