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Zach Feagles Continues to Struggle

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Miami has a bevy of issues on their hands, but the inability to flip the field is more glaring than it may seem.

Miami v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Field position is a major facet of winning or losing a game, and Zach Feagles’ inconsistency is just one of the many problems plaguing the ‘Canes.

Miami’s horrid offense was constantly starting drives in the shadow of their own goal-post on Friday night, killing drives before they even started. Unfortunately, Zach Feagles couldn’t flip the field and provide any help to a defense that struggled mightily throughout the night.

A prime example of this came late in the 2nd quarter, as Miami was pinned deep in their own territory due to a blunder by DeeJay Dallas on kick return. To his credit, Feagles was under pressure as he was forced to punt out of his own end zone, but only managed to boot the ball 32 yards. The kick was returned to Miami’s 7-yard line but was thankfully negated due to a holding call. If not for the penalty, Feagles’ weak punt would’ve surely resulted in a field goal attempt at the very least.

Blunders such as that can completely change the outcome of a game, and moving forward, the competition isn’t going to get any easier.

Boston College pinned Miami down inside their 10-yard line multiple times, yet both punters posted faintly similar stat lines. Feagles’ average of 35.8 yards per punt was abysmal however, as his worst punts seem to come when we need him to deliver the most.

With all the talent on this roster, it’s confusing as to why Miami can’t find a good punter.

Against North Carolina, a change of punters occurred but the difference was minimal. Jack Spicer replaced Feagles, and finished the game with an average of 37.5 yards per punt - not a far cry from Feagles’ typical production.

Special teams isn’t the most exciting part of football, but it’s another area that Miami needs improvement in.