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Miami Football Taking 5 Steps Forward And 10 Steps Back

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It’s as if Mark Richt has morphed into Al Golden, as the Canes fall back into mediocrity.

Miami v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

For the Miami Hurricanes, what a difference a year makes, right? Last year around this time, the Canes were undefeated, defeating top-10 teams, College Gameday was on campus, what a time to be alive.

Last night watching this team, a team that was ranked eighth to begin the season, losing to a Boston College squad that the Hurricanes should’ve beat by 20 points was infuriating to the point not reached yet this year.

Even after losing to LSU to begin the season, a five-game Miami win-streak had you thinking that this team had turned the corner and was beginning to look like the program that we expected to see back in August. Quarterback N’Kosi Perry was playing like we thought he could, the defense was rocking, our running-backs were bruising defenders, and all seemed right in Coral Gables.

Then, against Virginia and now Boston College, this UM team has regressed yet again, back to the form of what we saw as fans from 2006 to 2015. It’s as if Mark Richt has morphed into Al Golden the past two-weeks.

Failing to swap Perry in for a struggling Malik Rosier against BC, and struggling is putting it nicely, when Perry could’ve provided some kind of spark to the Miami offense. Not giving the ball to Jeff Thomas, your best offensive player. The inability to call anything besides an inside handoff when that play hasn’t worked all season.

The fact that this talented of a Hurricanes team has fallen to 5-3 is quintessential post-2001 University of Miami.

The 2006 season was the same story. Ranked in the top-15 to begin the year, and just loads of talent. Offense couldn’t do a single thing with Kyle Wright at quarterback, while the defense was dominant, yet the team finishes at 7-6.

2010 was also a similar story, another top-15 ranking to start the season, and for lack of better words, we sucked. Another 7-6 finish.

It’s almost as if the Glenn Sharpe penalty in the Fiesta Bowl has cursed us, and we just can’t seem to recover.

And yes, the fan-base has 100% reason to be mad and pissed-off. Its understandable if the teams you’re playing has better players and simply are more talented, but they’re not. We’ve waited so long for this team to be good, been through so much crap for the last 15 years.

We were there for 48-0 to Virginia, 58-0 to Clemson, and now we actually made strides last season, and we’re right back in the toilet.

The Hurricanes have several future-NFL players on their team, and can’t score any points in the second-half. PLEASE TELL ME HOW THAT HAPPENS.

Last night was the harshest reality that this program has faced in a while in my opinion, lower than both the Virginia and Pitt loss. Heck, probably the lowest in the Mark Richt era. Richt was brought here to bring this proud and storied team back to prominence, back to where it should be, and we’re back to Golden.

Yes, last year was amazing, for a little-bit, but that was a long time ago. It’s time for major changing, and I’m not talking get rid of Richt, because I truly believe that he’s the right guy for Miami at the moment, if he can hire an offensive coordinator, but something needs to happen.

The U is simply not back, and its very obvious that it’s not even close.