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A New Quarterback Won’t be the ‘Cure-all’ for Richt’s Scheme

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‘Cane fans have watched multiple disappointing games throughout Richt’s tenure, with the offense typically being to blame.

Miami v Boston College

Malik Rosier and N’Kosi Perry have been battling for the starting quarterback job all season, despite Perry being the fan favorite, and better all-around option. With Perry being benched after a handful of drives against Virginia, frustration has continued to grow as Malik Rosier regained starting status in Miami’s most recent contest.

Whether it be Perry or Rosier, Mark Richt’s playbook has problems that not even a Heisman-caliber quarterback could fix.

Mark Richt has a bad habit of running certain plays over-and-over again, even if the defense knows it’s coming. In Friday night’s loss, Miami found themselves on Boston College’s goal line late in the 3rd quarter, with a chance to get back in the game. Instead of countering Boston College’s goal line set, Mark Richt chose to run right into the teeth of the defense 3 times, forcing Miami into a must-pass 4th down conversion attempt.

With all the weapons Miami has on offense, that kind of play-calling is inexcusable and fireable.

Mark Richt had 2 weeks to prepare for Boston College, but the offense looked worse than they did against Virginia. The evidence is overwhelming, Miami needs a new play-caller and offensive coordinator. There are multiple candidates that could provide Miami with the help they need, but it isn’t relevant if Richt and the administration won’t listen.

With a better play-caller, Miami’s offense could possibly reach the ceiling we all know they’re capable of. If the defense is struggling, the offense could bail them out. Sadly, that’s not what the case is currently, as the defense would have to allow single-digit points in order for the ‘Canes to win. Asking for that kind of performance is unrealistic, and won’t result in victory often, as shown in the result of Miami’s last 2 games.

Miami has an ample, yet raw quarterback in N’Kosi Perry, but he needs a better scheme to succeed. Unfortunately, Richt thinks the quarterback who plays is the issue, not his playbook.

What’s even more frustrating for the fans, is that Richt won’t hear the noise, nor consider the critics of Rosier. Unless the Athletic Department of Miami steps in, there’s nothing that we can do.

Losing back-to-back games has amplified all of Miami’s issues, rightfully so. What we want to see most is change though, as it’s dire for the ‘Canes to succeed.