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Miami Unranked Again Following Losing Streak

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Miami did not receive a single vote in the AP Poll

Miami v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

I will leave most of the hand-wringing and commentary about why Miami has been so disappointing this year to the other articles. The fact of the matter is, Miami is unranked, receiving no voting points in the AP Poll and just 38 points in the Coaches (after being no. 25 last week).

The fact that Miami received a single vote in either poll is almost unbelievable. There are teams with worse records that look better than the Canes do right now, following their two straight road losses to less-talented ACC teams. Miami is a rolling dumpster fire and are past the point of trying to prove anything to the voters. Right now, the Hurricanes need to find a way to get their season back on track and start playing inspiring football again.

What’s wrong with this team obviously goes beyond playing for pride but poll stats are not what matters most right now. Some form of gradual improvement needs to be seen on a week to week basis; right now, Miami seems to be getting worse. The offense nosedived last week after barely treading water. This week, the defense had it’s fair share of collapses. The special teams has remained not so special.

Miami will likely remain unranked for the remainder of the season excepting a miracle. But what votes they do manage to garner in these polls will be one way of marking if and how the Canes are improving through the remainder of 2018.