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Miami/FSU Week. You Wouldn’t Understand.

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For those outside of Florida, you may not understand. But for us, its more than just a rivalry.

View of a Fan

For 51 weeks out of the year, it seems that most days and weeks just seem to blend together. Even during football season, a majority of the weeks feel the same, just getting to gameday to see the Canes.

Then there’s one week during the year that’s different, you feel different, the air is more clear, you feel hatred in your heart. Ah yes, its Miami-FSU week.

Canes fans know exactly what I'm talking about. This week is more than just football, its an all-out war, with your most bitter rival. This is for the state of Florida, bragging rights. You spend your week arguing with FSU fans on Twitter, bringing up old games, scandals, anything you can get your hands on.

Your time at work isn’t really focused on work, you're preoccupied watching Matt Munyon’s Wide Right kick in 2000. Or you can’t seem to put down footage of the Michael Barrow hit in 1992, or the Willlis McGahee screen pass in 2002.

I know for me, getting hyped for this game isn’t hard to do. My hatred for FSU runs deep. Sometimes, I turn on their Tomahawk Chop just to boil my blood even more, seems a little crazy, right? Nah, its just a rivalry.

The first Canes game my father ever took me to was in the Orange Bowl, 2002 when my hero Ken Dorsey led Miami to a 28-27 victory, Wide Left. I don’t remember too much from that game, except the fact that it was about 120 degrees.

Since that day, that experience has blossomed into a complete disgust for garnet and gold, and Florida State University. One of the worst nights of my life was 2006 losing to FSU at home, or the blocked-PAT in 2016.

Then again, one of the greatest nights in my life was last season, when Darrell Langham pulled in a touchdown with six seconds to go, securing a Canes win.

For those who grew up outside the state of Florida, its hard to comprehend this rivalry. They understand the history of it, but if you grew up in Broward or Dade, its different.

Some say this rivalry has declined in the past few years, but its still the same for us. Sure we’re not battling for the right to play in the national championship, but our pride is still on the line, its still the U against the helmet with the spear on it.

Those early years of your life, it seemed like everyone of your friends was either a Cane or a Seminole, and those kids who were Gators fans were just weird.

Even if your love for UM has died down since your teenage years, this week you morph back into a Canes fanatic, and you know what, I'm completely fine with that.

This game is for bragging rights, for when you’re arguing with a Noles fan, whether its downtown Ft.Lauderdale on Friday night or Monday morning in the office.

Its Deion Sanders vs Michael Irvin. Its Jimmy Johnson vs Bobby Bowden, Miami’s smoke entrance vs Chief Osceola.

500 miles separate memories of Chris Rix and Ken Dorsey, Sean Taylor’s hit on P.K. Sam, or Stanford Samuels hit on Roscoe Parrish.

The Tomahawk Chop verse Miami’s version of it, insert winky face emoji. The Turnover Chain against the Turnover Purse.

Whether you're coming for the tailgate or the actual game, the nights leading up to kickoff are sleepless. You’re so ready for the game that you feel as if you need to get your ankles taped.

So, Canes fans everywhere, enjoy this week. Let the hate build in you, talk the trash on Twitter or in person. Rep your orange and green, fly your U flags high. This comes once a year, but lasts a lifetime.