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What Can We Expect from Miami’s Offense this Saturday?

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Miami’s offense has scored over 30 points every game this year aside from the season opener; what changes will be made for the Florida State game?

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since N’Kosi Perry took over the offense, Miami’s offense has been rejuvenated. Running lanes have opened up, and the line has protected their new quarterback well.

Florida State gives the ‘Canes their biggest test every year despite the teams’ records, and boasts a ferocious defensive line. It’s safe to say that Miami’s offensive line will have a lot on their plate in terms of providing a solid pocket for N’Kosi Perry.

With that in mind, it may be time for Mark Richt to unveil some new plays/formations to combat FSU’s defensive attack.

Something we haven’t seen this year is the ‘Wildcat’ formation — a set that the ‘Canes had success with a year prior. The ‘Wildcat,’ which featured DeeJay Dallas, is typically thought of as a washed-up formation amongst the league, as most teams seem to have figured it out. However, the ‘Canes utilized it well, and its return has been anticipated by fans.

Through the 2 games that N’Kosi Perry has had significant playing time in, the long ball hasn’t had as much of a factor as it once did in Richt’s scheme. That could change though, as Miami was particularly reliant on it last season. N’Kosi Perry undoubtedly has the accuracy and arm strength to deliver the ball downfield, and with speedsters like Jeff Thomas, airing it out could be a game-changer for the ‘Canes.

Last season, Miami’s offense was debilitatingly one-dimensional, as they floundered without the run game. That’s why so much relies upon the offensive line’s performance. Even if the line allows some pressure, Miami’s playmakers will still be targeted; but getting the ball to them efficiently could be a concern.

N’Kosi Perry has been nothing short of impressive this year, but he’s yet to play in a ‘big’ game, as he was suspended for the 2018 opener. If Florida State can get pressure on him and rattle him, doubt will spread surrounding the offense. We can only hope that N’Kosi Perry remains solid despite being faced with adversity.

With the talent that Miami has on offense, points shouldn’t be an issue. Now armed with a new quarterback and fresh confidence, they can hopefully reach the high ceiling and potential they possess.