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Miami Hurricanes News & Notes: Perry gets first start vs. FSU, Film Previews, and other news

FSU travels to Miami on Saturday, here’s the news from October 3rd

North Carolina v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

State of the U provides you with a lot of great information on our beloved Miami Hurricanes. How about these pieces for your ride to work on the train, or while you’re avoiding the family on the throne:

State Of The U

Dylan Sherry covered why ‘Canes can’t afford to be Taggart’s signature win and I agree vehemently. The ‘Canes gave Coach O a nice boost off the hot seat and for not only 2018 but the future need to bury Taggart’s Seminoles on Saturday.

Marsh Thomas popped me with his piece called “FSU Players We Miss: Chris Rix.”

Through his four years, Rix completed 41.5% of his passes, threw five touchdowns and NINE interceptions. And also, Rix was 0-5 against Miami.

To quote the legendary Seminole and professional wrestler Ron Simmons, “Damn!”

We also put up our SOTU Roundtable: Miami Hurricanes vs Florida State Seminoles part 1 and I forgot to contribute (you can blame meet the teacher night + long football practices in the sun for my whoops of the week).

I’m on board with Matt Washington on this one:

Even though FSU has struggled in the early portion of the season, they still represent an intriguing challenge for the Canes. It’s a rivalry game and matchup that serves as a benchmark approaching the half way mark of the regular season.

You can check out my film previews here and here; also- my WWDD? post is up Thursday at 8am eastern!

Around the Web

Chris Nee from 247 put up a post called 2-4-7: A look at the Miami Hurricanes prepping fans for the showdown at 3:30 eastern on ABC.

Miami ranks second in the nation in total defense, allowing just 244.8 yards per game

Although he has to be the last person on earth using total defense as a metric in 2018.

The Herald said I was over my view limit for the week or something and so I can’t repost any of their work- that worked out well for ya, jacklegs.

The Sun Sentinel’s Christy Cabrera Chirinos didn’t make me clear my browser so she’ll get her props. Her article called, “Turnover trash talk? Miami to face FSU with a turnover prop of its own,” covers the FSU Turnover backpack filled with coloring books in case they’re asked to take an exam without a student assistant or tutor present.

Social Media

Here’s the social media recap from Twitter including SOTU, Darren Rovell, 5 Rings and YOURS TRULY!