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SOTU Staff Predictions: Miami Hurricanes vs Florida State Seminoles

We’ve talked all week. Now it’s time to go on the record and predict the final score for Miami-FSU

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

We meet again, Canes fam! After 2 installments of our round table discussion about Miami-FSU, we now come to the piece you’ve been waiting for: our predictions. Before we get there, let’s go back.

Here’s part 1 of our round table:

Here’s part 2 of our round table:

And now, here are our predictions:

Prediction time. How do you see the game playing out?

Cam Underwood: I’ve said this all week long, and even a while before that referring to last year’s Miami-FSU game: if you put up anonymous stat profiles for these teams and asked people to choose a winner and winning margin, people would unanimously choose the Miami-profile team to win by 21+ points.

BUT, when you put names on the teams, and consider the rivalry nature of this game, things aren’t as clear as the profiles on paper might lead people to believe.

I don’t think that FSU can block Miami’s defensive line, and their offense won’t be able to get going because of that. And with Miami playing a new QB, one who is accurate and has the arm to take advantage of the receivers I believe will be running open all day long, and plenty of skill position talent to exploit the already-seen holes in FSU’s defense, I don’t think this game ends up being all that close.

Final Score: Miami 38 Florida State 20

Evan Hadrick: I think the defense makes some plays early and just makes HRS goes nuts. FSU then falls apart and returns to early season form. Miami 34 - FSU 13.

Matt Washington: Miami holds off FSU, wins the turnover battle and ultimately come out on top. Final Score: MIA 30-FSU 24

John Camera: I think it’s going to be all Miami through 2.5 quarters before FSU creeps in to make it a game. Perry has a turnover or two but ultimately, FSU’s comeback falls short. 30-21 Miami.

Gaby Urrutia: I can see this being a game, at least for a little bit. Emotions will be high and I would not expect Florida State to just roll over and let us dog them. I do, however, expect the game to finish with Miami on top and the score being lopsided. I believe the Hurricanes defense is as hot as any unit in the country and Florida State is in the line of fire. There is nothing that Willie Taggart can throw at Manny Diaz that he isn’t ready for.

I believe Perry can make the throws that were open all game last week for Louisville and Miami can impose their will on the weak secondary that Florida State has put together.

Final Score: Miami 38 Florida State 17

Marshall Thomas: I see it being very close in the first half, and both teams struggling to score early, maybe Miami 10-6 at half. However, I think Perry strings together a few scoring drives in the third quarter, and then a pick by Francois will open the floodgates where FSU can’t recover from. Miami wins 31-13.

Dylan Sherry: I see Miami winning, but not as much as they’re favored by. My score prediction is Miami 31-24. I see Miami giving up 24 points due to the fact that FSU’s offense will guard better than they have all season, in addition to the that fact that the ‘Canes have bent but not broken to some teams -- I expect the FSU game to go in a similar way. The ‘Canes defense will give up yards, but stiffen up when they need to. If Malik was starting, I’d go with the ‘Canes winning 28-24, but I think Perry will lead them to victory, and end up getting the extra score that Miami needs in order to end the game in the victory formation.

Kevin Fielder: I think this game will be closer than most think. I think Miami takes an early 10-0 lead after an N’Kosi Perry touchdown pass to Michael Harley and a short field goal. However, I think the Seminoles offense begins to gain speed and take a lead going into halftime at 13-10. In the second half, I think the Hurricanes prove to be too much for the Seminoles and the experienced players on both ends (Travis Homer, Jeff Thomas, Shaq Quarterman, Joe Jackson) begin to control the line of scrimmage and dominate the game. I have the Canes winning 31-16 with a big performance from N’Kosi Perry (270+ yards and 3 touchdowns) and the offense in the second half

Craig T. Smith: Can you believe it’s been since September 2004 that Miami has won at home against FSU? That was a month before I became a lawyer, and it feels like I’ve been one for a lifetime. It’s time for UM to ditch this curse and continue to make Hard Rock Stadium a special place for the Canes. Dallas and Travis Homer pace an offense that gets the Canes into the upper 20s, the defense thwarts a late Nole drive and Miami wins a tight one 28-24.

And there you have it. Our picks for Miami-FSU.

You have picks too, so share them in the comments below. And, who knows, there may even be a gift for the person closest to the actual score. Maybe.

Go Canes