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Halftime Film: FSU at Miami

FSU is up 7-20 at Hard Rock Stadium

Florida International v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Miami is struggling and both teams are basically running the same schemes at each other. FSU leads 20-7 and the ‘Canes offense looks dismal. N’Kosi Perry is looking a little overwhelmed but he’ll calm down with half time and the type of coach that Mark Richt is. Richt and Thomas Brown need to get their play calling under control and figure out what the ‘Canes offense is.

Tight Zone

My co-blogger/podcast @IMFB_Sean has been schooling me on tight zone lately and Miami ran this a bit. The back stays to the side of the handoff versus crossing the center like on inside zone read or lead. Unlike split zone the read for the back is the guard’s inside leg handoff side versus the guard across the formation from you.

I’m avoiding using “play side” and “back side” because with these cutbacks what’s play side or back side really mean?

Split Zone

Here’s the sideline and end zone cut of split zone from last night! I love this play and our running back worked it to perfection. Both FSU and Miami are using it with success. It’s one of those 3 yard guarantees even if it rarely goes for 20 like it did for BHS last night. #GoCaps

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