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Recap: Drama, Heartbreak, and Excitement - This is Florida State vs. Miami

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If you told a Miami fan yesterday that they’d be losing 27-7 to Florida State in the 3rd quarter, they would’ve called you crazy.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State dominated all sides of the ball through the first half on Saturday, and anything that could’ve gone wrong for the ‘Canes, went wrong. Florida State was sharp out of the gate, and imposed its will against Miami’s defense -- capping off their first drive with a 17-yard passing touchdown.

Miami’s offense would score once in the first half, but flounder until the middle of the 3rd quarter as N’Kosi Perry had his weakest showing this year.

Perry didn’t build off of the first-score momentum unfortunately, as the following drive, and rest of the half was plagued by an overthrows, and errant passes in general. Rattling N’Kosi Perry was a major part of Florida State’s game plan, and it made him look like the raw, inexperienced quarterback that he is.

As we expected, Florida State’s game plan was the best its been this season, as their playcalling kept our defense on its heels, and controlled the line of scrimmage the entire first half. Florida State found success on offense, defense, and special teams, resulting in a 27-7 lead early in the 3rd quarter.

Mark Richt’s play calling this year had been arguably better than years prior, but Florida State was ready for just about every play. Boos were shouted from the crowd early in the 3rd quarter, as the ‘Canes crossed the 50-yard line, but ran the ball 3 consecutive times -- effectively killing the drive. This kind of streaky play calling happened multiple times, causing the attack to fizzle out, and hold back Miami’s offense from converting multiple 1st downs. Disregarding the result, it’s obvious that Miami needs an offensive coordinator.

Two quick turnovers resulted in 14 points for the ‘Canes, as the defense, and entire team woke up. Miami’s reliance on turnovers was exposed, but it ignited the whole team, and the fans. Miami looked like the same team that played LSU, then as a confident squad that dominated North Carolina last week.

The attitude continued, and Miami held on to a 1 point lead; ending the game in the victory formation. Mark Richt’s stubborn rushing attack ended up killing the clock successfully, but it was as frustrating as ever to watch. Sometimes it took 4 downs, but Miami won their second straight against their rival, and broke a 14-year home losing streak against the ‘Noles.