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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: FSU Edition

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Time to let it all out.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s the Game Recep from Dylan Sherry:

Here are the Three Stars of the Game:

Justin Dottavio gave you some brilliant Haltime analysis:

Tonight’s highlights are brought to you by the ACC Digital Network:

Alright, it’s time to unpack the game that was with The Good, The Bad and the The Ugly this afternoon’s tilt.

The Good

  • Comeback Season is alive and well. At one point in the third quarter, Miami was down 27-7. This team came back to score 21 unanswered point with a combination of stellar defense and capitliziation of generous field position. Love it!
  • Touchdown passes this game were a thing of beauty.
  • Miami’s defense shutting down FSU for most of the game. The two TD passes weren’t great, but 11 TFLs with 6 of those counting as sacks should having you smiling.
  • We beat FSU. That’s always a good thing

The Bad

  • The Offensive line. This could turn out to be a good somewhere down the line with Navaughn Donaldson back at guard and tackle DJ Scaife manning the right tackle position.That said, the group as a whole had trouble in both run blocking and pass protection against FSU’s front seven. 9 TFLs with 5 sacks won’t cut it.
  • Not making the second 4th down conversion before the end of the first half. Love the aggressiveness from CMR here, but you’re at the 50, just pu... oh, let’s talk about that.
  • Lawrence Cager is a redzone machine. But you have to hold onto the ball. Glad Cager was able to redeem himself after dropping a TD, but he put too many receptions on the ground tonight.

The UGLY!!!

  • Punting is a tragedy each and every game. Whether it’s Spicer or Feagles, neither guy is great. The coverage didn’t help out on the punt return TD in the third quarter, but that was just the skunk on top of the garbage can that was UM’s special teams.
  • The Hurricane offense was 5-of-16 converting third downs. Nothing can be that bad
  • EXCEPT THIS FACEMASK BY FSU K Logan Tyler WR Jeff Thomas during a punt return.
NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
  • Miami S Derrick Smith was thrown out of the game for targeting.But looking at this image and knowing that Tyler didn’t get thrown out of the game for this BS is appalling. Fortunate enough, Thomas was able to return to the game.
  • FSU converted a 3rd and 14 with 21-yard TE screen to Tre’ McKitty for a first down. WAY TO MANY MISSED TACKLES AND BAD ANGLES ON THE PURSUIT!
  • Back to special teams. K Bubba Baxa missed a 28-yard FG. Gotta have that buddy.
  • Report from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald are saying that WR Ahmmon Richards is retiring from football due to a disabling neck injury. THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED AS OF POSTING. Terrible news for such a good kid. Positive vibes AR82!

Team Grades

Offense: C

It was feast or famine. There were too many moments in this game where the offense stalled and could not get the ball moving. Momentum shifted in the second half and they were able to make to take advantage, but

Defense: B+

Listed the positives from this defense in the “Good” section. It was another terrific performance. The blitzes from defensive coordinator Manny Diaz were fairly were well timed and Miami had lots of pressures today. Aside from FSU bludgeoning the D up the middle with RB Jacques Patrick, the defense held FSU to 70 rushing yards.

Special Teams: F

A punt return touchdown allowed, missed FG that would have been insurance late in the game and continued woes in the punting game. Yikes.

Coaching: C

One fourth down conversion is good. Not making the second one was questionable and the third fourth-down conversion sealed the game. The defense looked great throughout most of the game and the offense did not.

That’s all folks! It’s a wrap for The Good, The Bad and the Ugly this week.

As always feel free to let your opinion be heard in the comment section.