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Miami Up In AP/Coaches Poll after FSU Thriller

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The Canes are moving on up

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Following Miami’s historic comeback, defeating Florida State, it seems voters have taken notice, even if they aren’t willing to rank Miami above other one-loss teams in their perceived tier. The Hurricanes are up to no. 16 in the AP Poll and no. 15 in the Coaches Poll. Perpetual disappointments like Florida, Texas and Michigan are all still ahead of the Canes and Wisconsin is somehow all the way up at 10 in the Coaches Poll (their best win? A road game against Iowa).

Regardless of the disrespect sustained against Miami, the Canes are trending in the right direction. While N’Kosi Perry looked like a redshirt freshman for most of the night, he grew up in the fourth quarter, completing big pass after big pass and repeatedly delivering the ball into tight windows with impressive accuracy. Most impressive was the game-winner, dropping the ball into a bucket, right into Brevin Jordan’s hands. His continued progress should keep the Miami offense moving.

The defense is simply in a league of it’s own this year, the defensive line better than last season despite losing three starters. Gerald Willis is singlehandedly wrecking games and Jon Garvin and Joe Jackson are rounding into form. Miami’s biggest test the rest of the way will be Virginia Tech at home but before that, the Canes still need to take care of business, starting with a trip to Charlottesville to battle UVA. As long as Miami keeps winning their rank will keep rising, and most importantly, their chances at an ACC Championship gets better.