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Recap: Miami Drops 4th Straight, Still Searching for Bowl Eligibility

Miami shot themselves in the foot time and time again on Saturday night, falling to Georgia Tech on the road.

Miami v Georgia Tech Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Miami’s offense had the best start they could ask for, reaching the end zone on their first possession. N’Kosi Perry delivered consistent strikes to Jeff Thomas and Lawrence Cager throughout the drive, with DeeJay Dallas capping it off on a ‘Wildcat’ touchdown scamper. With how poorly Miami’s offense had played in the past 3 games, this drive was the start we were all hoping for.

The lead didn’t last long though, as Georgia Tech went right down the field to match Miami’s opening touchdown.

DeeJay Dallas, whose touchdown seemed to mark a bounce-back from last week, fumbled the ball away on the ensuing kickoff. Dallas, a fan favorite, is thought of as one of Miami’s best players - but has sacrificed costly turnovers in back-to-back weeks. Georgia Tech would cash-in on the fumble, scoring an easy touchdown to take a 14-7 lead.

Miami would turn the ball over again on 3rd and 1 due to a botched snap. A possible first down turned into Miami’s second turnover of the first half. Georgia Tech would take over at Miami’s 40-yard line and tack-on 3 points, extending their lead to 10. At this point, Miami’s offense was moving the ball decently but couldn’t sustain the momentum due to penalties and turnovers.

Week after week, it’s apparent that Miami’s offense can’t get out of their own way. Whether it be Richt’s playcalling, drive-killing penalties, or harmful turnovers, it seems that something is always ‘off’ with Miami’s offense.

However, Miami received a gift as a punt by Jack Spicer hit the hand of an unsuspecting Georgia Tech player, resulting in great field position for the ‘Canes. Miami was finally able to get points off a turnover, as Cam’Ron Davis streaked upfield for a 22-yard touchdown, taking advantage of the miscue. The touchdown would cut Georgia Tech’s lead to just 3 points, resulting in a 17-14 score heading into halftime.

Out of the break, Miami’s defense forced a 3-and-out, but the ‘Canes gave the ball away yet again on a muffed punt by Jeff Thomas, giving Georgia Tech the ball at the 10-yard line. Miami’s defense held Georgia Tech to another field goal, but desperately needed help from their offense. Per usual, no help came, and Miami punted the ball away.

On the ensuing drive, Georgia Tech marched down the field and found the end zone, extending their lead to 13 points. With the score being 27-14 at the end of the third quarter, we wondered if Miami had the ability to come back, as they haven’t scored over 20 points since they played Florida State.

Surprisingly, after being pinned down, Miami took the ball all the way from their 5-yard line, to Georgia Tech’s end zone - cutting the lead to just 6 points. The hope for a comeback was there if Miami’s defense could get a stop.

Unfortunately, Georgia Tech’s attack proved to be too much for the worn-down defense, effectively killing the remaining time on the clock. In the end, Miami’s offense looked better than previous weeks but was plagued by mindless penalties and costly turnovers. Despite N’Kosi Perry throwing the ball well, the offense still didn’t have enough firepower. Miami travels to Blacksburg, VA for another tough conference game next Saturday, still searching for their sixth win.