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The Honeymoon Is, and Has Been Over

Around a year ago Miami was enjoying a 10-0 record; now, they sit with half of that win total in the same amount of games played.

Miami v Georgia Tech Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Miami’s streakiness under Mark Richt is great at times, but disastrous if the ‘Canes aren’t winning. For example, Miami held a 15-game win streak going into their matchup against Pitt last season but has gone 5-8 since - containing two 4-game losing streaks. Losing streaks similar to the one that the ‘Canes are currently on is a common occurrence, as they’ve suffered one in all of Mark Richt’s seasons at Miami. Fans, players, and the nation are aware that the honeymoon is over, and that change must happen.

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky stated: “they’ve got to find a way to get in touch with some modern-day offensive creativity.” An obvious but spot-on take, as Miami’s offense has only reached the 20-point mark once in the last 4 contests. This has caused fans, formers players, and former coaches to call for a new play-caller, and even for a new Head Coach.

Miami has issues on their hands outside of Richt’s play-calling, but his selection of plays is arguably the most glaring issue. Execution of the plays is a recurring problem, but with the talent on Miami’s roster, there’s no excuse to be averaging 15 points a game (in the last 4 contests).

Due to the disaster that this season has turned into, this off-season has the potential to be the most pivotal in Miami’s recent history. Multiple recruits have already jumped ship, and loads of pressure will be on Miami’s staff in order to lock-down the commits that they still have. Talks of Miami hiring a new offensive coordinator have also surfaced, but a move such as that wouldn’t be in motion until the off-season regardless.

A year ago, ‘Cane fans were contemplating who Miami would play in the College Football Playoff, but are now discussing who their next Head Coach should be. This situation has drawn comparisons to Al Golden’s tenure at Miami, who recruited decently but couldn’t win with the talent - similar to Miami’s 2018-19 campaign. Hoping for a new coach, and planning for next year at this point is an unfortunate development, but mediocrity cannot be accepted, and a 5-5 record is exactly that.