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Miami, Arkansas State agree to settlement ending long court battle

It’s finally over. LET’S MOVE ON!!!

Antigua And Barbuda Struggle To Recover Months After Devastating Hurricanes Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The months-long legal saga between the University of Miami and Arkansas State University is over.

According to this report by Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald, Miami has agreed to pay $400,000 to end the legal interaction between the schools.

Arkansas State sued Miami over the cancellation of the 2017 game between the teams which was set to be played in Jonesboro, AR. Miami canceled the game due to the Hurricane Irma’s impending approach to Miami. At the time, Irma was tracking directly to Miami and the tri-county South Florida area, and was the largest and strongest storm in recorded history to that point.

The settlement, as reported by Jackson, contains no provision for a future game between the teams to be played in Jonesboro. Arkansas State wanted that, as the monumental event of a national brand such as the Canes coming to a small town such as Jonesboro would be the biggest event there ever (see Boone, NC for a parallel from Miami’s trip to play Appalachian State for proof). Miami, however, declined such a request once lawsuits over the 2017 cancellation were filed.

This deal, struck Monday during an arbitration meeting, ends this ugly interaction. Arkansas State and their fans showed themselves to be both contentious and without compassion for a major, MAJOR storm. But with this reported settlement, Miami is well rid of the likes of Arkansas State.

Though I wish Miami wouldn’t have paid ASU a single red cent, I’m glad this is over and all parties, the University of Miami most importantly, can move forward.

Go Canes