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The Emergence of Cam’Ron Davis

The true-Freshman running back has moved up the depth chart, and has made a name for himself late in the 2018-19 season.

Miami v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

As a 4-star recruit, Cam’Ron Davis was slightly overshadowed by Lorenzo Lingard and was thought to be a depth-back for his first years on campus. However, over the last 2 contests, he’s emerged as an explosive, energetic option in Miami’s running back corp.

Throughout the first 9 games of this season, Davis only saw the ball 7 times, a number he’s quickly surpassed in Miami’s last 2 contests. Not only has he seen the ball more, but he’s scored 3 touchdowns, his first coming in a crucial moment against Georgia Tech.

Lorenzo Lingard’s season-ending injury gave Cam’Ron Davis the chance, but it showed us that Miami has a great pair of Freshmen running backs. Despite how disappointing the 2018-19 season has been, the future is bright, especially at the running back position. This should come as no surprise to Miami fans, as Mark Richt has always recruited premium talent surrounding the position group.

For the remainder of the season, it’s safe to assume that Davis will remain in the rotation. All of Miami’s running backs bring their own unique skills, and it’s encouraging to see Cam’Ron Davis finding success in his young career at Miami. In the coming seasons, it should be enjoyable to watch him develop as a player.

Cam’Ron Davis’ breakout proves once again that all Freshmen have a chance at early playing time at Miami. In recent years we’ve seen it on defense with players such as Joe Jackson and Jonathan Garvin, and on offense through playmakers like Jeff Thomas and DeeJay Dallas. Taking the new redshirt rule into consideration, this is a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon.

With Senior Day coming up this Saturday, it’s important to appreciate the players who stuck with the ‘Canes throughout their coaching changes, but it’s also exciting, as the 2019-20 season ushers in a roster that’s almost 100% Richt’s. We’ll be able to see the arc of Richt’s early years at Miami, hopefully bringing in additional young, talented players like Cam’Ron Davis.