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Rumors abound regarding Jeff Thomas’s status with the Miami Hurricanes

Drama. More drama.

Savannah State v Miami

Miami Hurricanes WR Jeff Thomas is one of the most electric playmakers in College Football. His combination of speed, quickness, and playmaking ability is elite across the board.

Even with that being the case, and Thomas’s starting status on the Miami Hurricanes team secured, there are plenty of rumors that the East St. Louis, IL native is unhappy with things in Coral Gables. To that end, there are rumors swirling that Thomas, Miami’s leading receiver with 563 yards, has left the Canes program.

According to all assembled journalists, Thomas is not present at today’s practice on Miami’s Coral Gables practice. After staying mute on the topic previously, a Miami Athletics spokesperson made the following statement to the assembled journalists:

As stated, Thomas is not at practice, which the media members present confirmed once they were on the field. So, while the statement says that Thomas is still a member of Miami’s team, his conspicuous absence from practice may mean that could change at a moment’s notice.

Obviously, the hope is that Thomas physically returns to the team and continues his strong play. But, that may not end up happening, in which case the rest of Miami’s receiving corps would have very big, and very fast, shoes to fill.

More on this developing story as it becomes available.

Go Canes