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The Turnover Chain Must Stay Forever

Like a glass of fine wine, the Turnover Chain just keeps getting better and better.

NCAA Football: Savannah State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Miami is different, everyone knows that. The University of Miami and the Hurricanes are different from the rest of the country, a brand amongst themselves. One of the greatest representations of this, is of course the Turnover Chain.

Since making its debut back at the beginning of last season, it has gained national exposure, been duplicated by nearly every college football team, and has only added to the mystique and swagger of Miami. Oh, and also received a makeover.

The neckwear is more than just a piece of jewelry sported by defensive players after a turnover, it is, for lack of a better word, Miami.

The chain has brought out the best of the Canes, the pride of their program and also their fans, and head coach Mark Richt may be its biggest fan, calling it the “greatest thing since sliced bread.”

Though the Hurricanes defense caused more turnovers in 2017, the effect that the chain has on the team is no joke, and has continued throughout this season.

Against Florida State, down 27-7, the Gerald Willis III fumble-recovery not only woke up the Canes team, but also reawakened the crowd of over 65,000. Then on the big screen, showing Willis rocking the chain, and the actual Turnover Chain song came on, the fans just got louder.

Once Michael Pinckney forced an interception the next drive, resulting in the chain making another appearance, Hard Rock Stadium was up for grabs. “Thank goodness for the defense and the turnover chain,” Richt said following the Hurricanes win.

Yesterday in the regular season finale against Pitt, Trajan Bandy put the chain on, as the Canes easily took care of the Panthers 24-3.

Not just on the field, the chain has given Miami an advantage in the recruiting game as well.

Though, it seems more and more apparent that the rest of the country isn’t as fond of the Turnover Chain as us Hurricanes fans. Maybe it’s because of the 55 combined turnovers that the Canes defense has forced the last two years since its arrival, but it’s most likely just jealousy.

The rest of the country not liking Miami, or something about the Hurricanes, as we all know, is nothing new. Since the Canes heyday in the 80’s, it has been Miami against the world, with people finding new ways to dislike The U seemingly every year.

That doesn’t phase us however. In fact, we love the hate, keep it comin. The Turnover Chain is here to stay. So coach Richt, Manny Diaz, whomever, let’s bring it back for 2019.