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Miami Hurricanes LB Shaq Quarterman named 1st team All-ACC, rest of defense snubbed YET AGAIN

This has to stop

Miami’s lone All-ACC player
State of the U photo by Mike Meredith

On Monday afternoon, the ACC announced their all-Conference Football teams.

For the Miami Hurricanes, there was only 1 player who was voted 1st team All-ACC: junior LB Shaquille Quarterman.

That’s it.

Teammates RB Travis Homer, TE Brevin Jordan, DT Gerald Willis III and S Jaquan Johnson were all named 2nd team All-ACC.

CB Trajan Bandy was named 3rd team All-ACC.

OT Tyree St. Louis, DE Joe Jackson, LB Michael Pinckney, S Sheldrick Redwine and CB Michael Jackson were all named honorable mention All-ACC.

It is INCOMPREHENSIBLE AND UNACCEPTABLE that Gerald Willis III and Jaquan Johnson were not 1st team All-ACC players. The team lost games, sure, but to snub them for their individual greatness is a travesty.

Yet another year where Miami’s players were openly screwed out of the recognition they earned and rightfully deserve.

Congrats to all the Canes players who made All-ACC teams, but it’s hard to be really joyful about this when the clear and coordinated campaign against the University of Miami is so blatantly and readily apparent.

Miami had and ELITE defense this year, and that didn’t occur by happenstance. Players made plays, and they were screwed by the All-ACC voting YET AGAIN. (Again? you say? See Ghorbi’s tweet. Same thing from last year).

But hey, let’s ignore all those stats and just vote for the names of the guys we heard of preseason, right?

The coaches and media members who voted for the All-ACC teams should be ashamed of themselves.

Different year, same blatant and coordinated disrespect for Miami’s players.


Go Canes