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Miami’s Offense Hitting Its Lowest Point in Years

Fans, players, and coaches are all disappointed as Miami’s offense has scored just 39 points in the last 3 games combined.

NCAA Football: Duke at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Recent coaching staffs at Miami have all developed a bad habit - recruiting good players, while not utilizing them correctly. Ultimately, that’s the case for Mark Richt, who has more than enough talent on offense to produce more than 13 points a game, which the ‘Canes have averaged in the last 3 contests.

Similar to the 3 game skid that ended the 2017 season, Miami needs to be woken up. A home game in the rain seemed to be the perfect opportunity to right the ship, but that chance was floundered away. Similar to the previous 2 games, Miami had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

300 yards on the ground is a success for any team, but it still wasn’t enough for Miami. Despite N’Kosi Perry getting solid playing time, Malik Rosier was the better quarterback, although that isn’t saying much.

Richt’s scheme is heavily criticized, rightfully so, but Miami’s quarterbacks missed reads and open receivers all night long. It has forced fans to begin calling for Jarren Williams, as neither of Miami’s quarterbacks have performed adequately over the last few games. Regardless of who’s at the helm, Miami is in desperate need of a new play caller.

Sadly, Richt doesn’t see any issues with his play-calling and blamed the execution of the plays in an interview last week. It’s both mind-numbing and frustrating to hear this after watching Richt kill drives due to his stubborn attack, calling plays such as a 30-yard deep-strike on a 3rd and 2.

Critiques aside, this is something we’re stuck with for the remainder of this season and seasons after this if no one above Richt steps in.

Can his scheme be fixed by a great quarterback? Maybe. However, that’s something Richt isn’t waiting around for, as expressed by the staff’s lack of recruiting a quarterback. Truth is, we’ve seen Richt’s scheme work to perfection - but the creativity and execution simply aren’t there. Last season, and even against Florida State this year, we saw a team that played one half incredibly, and one half mediocrely.

Over the last 3 games though, Miami still hasn’t found a spark and remains stagnant. What will give the ‘Canes that momentum? Miami’s defense has forced at least one turnover in the last 3 games, but Miami’s offense stays inactive. Mark Richt may be asking the same questions as we are.

During last year’s 3-game skid, Miami averaged just over 13 points a game, strikingly similar to this year’s edition. Unfortunately, Miami doesn’t have the offseason to recoup this time around, they only have 6 days until they take on Georgia Tech on the road. We can only hope that Mark Richt and the Miami offense wake up in time.