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Welcome to the U, Louis Hedley


New Miami P commit Louis Hedley
Louis Hedley’s twitter account

Miami’s need for improvement at the punter position has been much discussed over the last 2 years. The Canes made a move to improve the state of special teams by getting City College of San Francisco P Louis Hedley to commit to Miami on Sunday night.

A native of Mandurah, Australia, Hedley is a big dude for a punter at 6’4” 215lbs. Over the course of the last decade or so, Australian punters have littered college football, and been some of the best players at this oft-overlooked position. Hedley, who will be on scholarship not walk-on at Miami, could fit the bill for the Canes.

Not only is Hedley a big dude, he’s tatted up. Not like on barbed wire armband, either. Dude is a walking canvas. See for yourself.

On the field, Hedley is doing well for CCSF. He’s averaging 38.6 yards per punt on the year, a number that would be an immediate upgrade for Miami, and that’s before any future development or player progression.

This commitment answers the question of who TE coach/ST coordinator Todd Hartley went to California to see a couple weeks ago. And, it is a proactive move to upgrade a position on the Miami team that is clearly underperforming, and has for multiple years now.

You can see Hedley kick a ball in the videos below:

Welcome to the U, Louis!