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Can Miami Steal a Win in Atlanta?

With Miami almost eliminated from the Coastal title race, will they finally find victory this Saturday?

Miami v Georgia Tech Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

3 to 4 game losing skids are an unfortunate trend for Miami football, doing so at the end of the 2017 season, and midway through 2016, Mark Richt’s inaugural season at the U. Due to the season’s losses against inferior teams, fans are starting to doubt if anything has really changed since the firing of Al Golden.

Miami has obvious and glaring issues on its hands, but remains stuck with Richt’s stubbornness for the time being. “Trusting the process” is good enough for some programs, but with the talent that Mark Richt has at his disposal, the process should be showing far-better results. However, despite the distraught fan base, Mark Richt isn’t listening to any of his critics.

Throughout 2018’s losing streak, the ‘Canes are scoring an average of 13 points; an abysmal number, and is one that must be surpassed if the team wants to become bowl eligible. Beating Georgia Tech on the road seems unlikely at this point, but it’s definitely possible.

Despite Miami’s defense ranking 2nd in total defense this season, it still hasn’t been enough to bail out the struggling offense. The offense is asking too much of the defensive squad, as they would have to be allowing fewer than 10 points a game in order for the ‘Canes to win. With that in mind, we know how streaky Miami is under Mark Richt, but they still have an opportunity to start a winning streak against a team that Richt has had much success against.

While at Georgia, Richt’s record against Georgia Tech was 13-2, a dominant and reassuring number. At Miami, Richt has continued his winning ways against them, as he’s 2-0 thus far. It’s apparent that Richt’s players and staff have always prepared well for Georgia Tech’s scheme, but it definitely does not guarantee a victory.

What would a win mean for the ‘Canes? It would undoubtedly boost the team’s morale and give them some much-needed confidence going forward. It would also keep Miami alive in the Coastal title race despite their chances being extremely slim. Regardless, Miami still has much to play for, and if they can right the ship this Saturday, they can salvage the season.