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Miami Hurricanes Fire Butch Davis IV

Following their elimination in the round of 64 yet again, the Canes move on from Butch 4

Miami v North Carolina Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As the 2064 football season comes to a close, Miami yet again finds their sixth national title to be as elusive as ever. After losing 73-20 to Florida State A&M in the round of 64, the Canes third straight loss in the first round of 64-team playoff, the Athletic Director today announced that Butch Davis IV would be getting the axe.

This firing has been a long time coming for BD4, the third iteration of the Butch Davis lineage to coach at The U. He’s struggled to keep pace in a loaded ACC and, despite promising to lead Miami to its first conference title, never really got close to achieving the lofty goal. After making significant progress in 2063 and very nearly knocking off the national champion UCF Golden Knights in the ACCC, the Canes took a significant step backward this season.

BD4’s controversial decision to start his 3-star son, Butch Davis V ahead of 5-star true freshman Jackson Maximillion has followed the coach around all season, like a dark cloud cast over his head. Despite Maximillion’s alleged threats of leaving for the NFL following his one year of college experience if he didn’t start and BD5’s inconsistent play at signal caller, his father has kept him firmly ingrained as the starter.

Although the head coach promised to make changes following a blowout 80-0 rout by FIU early in the season, a game in which BD5 tossed, appropriately enough, five interceptions, he has remained the leader of the offense. With fans calling for changes to be made, Coach Davis IV promised that he would look over every part of the team following the embarrassing defeat and replace starters as needed. But instead of seeing the quarterback as the problem, CBD4 sought to replace the entire starting offensive line, claiming that the starters weren’t holding up their part of the bargain of “protecting my son...I mean our quarterback.”

The Canes struggled to stay above .500, despite the Coastal looking ready to be seized by literally any team that wanted to give discernible effort. With the offense struggling all year, the defense was worn down to a nub, playing admirably at first before fatigue and injuries took their toll. By the time Miami got to the playoff, barely limping in as a 12 seed, it seemed as though the head coach’s fate had already been decided.

Although Davis IV took his firing with grace, he did say that he hoped Miami would go with another alumni to lead the program in the future, leading some to speculate that he was insinuating a desire for his son to coach the Canes in the future.

In my opinion, Miami needs to look for a proven winner, a young coach who can connect with his players and most of all, convince Maximillion to stay on. The Hurricanes have as much talent as any of the 20 teams in the ACC but needs to find a coaching staff that will finally take advantage of it and lead them back to prominence. The AD has announced that with this most recent head coach search, the university is committed to making sure that #TheUIsBack.

Although it’s too early in the coaching search to say with who Miami will end up, early rumors say the university is heavily considering Temple Head Coach Sal Silver, who just finished a 0-16 season with the Owls.