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Miami Absent In Week 15 Polls

After championship weekend, The U still has 0 votes

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami’s situation has not changed since the last time polls were released and the Hurricanes found themselves with zero votes. They are still 7-5, coming off a crushing victory over a Pittsburgh Panthers team that is now doubly embarrassed following a 42-10 loss to Clemson in the ACCC game.

Miami is still one of the most disappointing teams in the nation with just seven wins against five losses, especially considering how dreadful the ACC, outside of Clemson, has looked all year long. With all that in mind, it’s not surprising then that each poll has left Miami out of it completely.

The Canes really don’t deserve to be ranked and will need to do a lot of soul-searching over this long offseason. Coach Mark Richt and the entire staff will need to shift recruiting efforts into overdrive to ensure the 2019 class they’ve worked so hard to build doesn’t crumble following this nightmarish season. With one game left to try and help the case to the 4 and 5-stars of the world why Miami is still a good school to come to, the Hurricanes could find themselves garnering at least some votes in the final poll of the season.

Miami-Wisconsin will be a battle of unranked, highly-disappointing teams who both started in the top ten and slowly but surely succumbed to mediocrity and poor play. The rematch of last season’s Orange Bowl will undoubtedly be another revenge game for the Canes and, after their performance in similar match ups over the last two seasons, there’s a good chance they will find that revenge. And maybe that will be enough to re-ingratiate themselves in the eyes of poll voters.