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Previewing Miami’s Quarterback Situation in 2019

Looking ahead, Miami is dangerously thin at one of the game’s most important position groups.

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Pittsburgh v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The ‘Canes have recently put a ‘premium’ on recruiting a quarterback — but it may be too little too late. All of the quarterbacks that Miami has offered so far are either committed or have signed to a different University (247). This leaves the ‘Canes with less ‘Miami-caliber’ options on the recruiting board.

Miami may be in contention for highly-touted transfer, Justin Fields — but landing him is extremely unlikely given Miami’s current situation on offense. Texas Longhorn quarterbacks Casey Thompson and Cameron Rising have also entered their names in the transfer database recently, but it’s unlikely that either will land in Miami.

If the ‘Canes aren’t able to land a quarterback this off-season, the effect could be disastrous. The failure to recruit a quarterback would leave Miami with 3 scholarship quarterbacks on their roster for 2019. Injury, transfer, or a violation of team rules could quickly leave Miami with 1-2 scholarship quarterbacks. The fallout of this was realized earlier this week when it was reported that Freshman Jarren Williams was planning to transfer from Miami. Fortunately for the ‘Canes, Williams was convinced to stay by the staff.

Credit Mark Richt and his staff for keeping Williams in Coral Gables, but Miami should have the ability to replace him — reinforcing why a ‘Miami-caliber’ quarterback should be included in every recruiting class. Regardless, Miami should never be this thin at the quarterback position.

Another area of concern surrounds the antics of N’Kosi Perry, who recently had a sexually-explicit video surface from his Snapchat. The student newspaper of the University of Miami reported on the video — which supposedly shows 2 people having sex. Perry also posted a controversial video of himself earlier this season, showing off a large sum of money in a vehicle.

These antics of Perry aren’t criminal, but they’re unacceptable for a coaching staff attempting to sustain an image of pureness and class. If Perry continues to lash-out, it could lead to his dismissal from the program. Perry’s departure would be the worst case scenario — leaving Miami without a quarterback with solid game experience, and only 2 scholarship quarterbacks on the roster. Hopefully, Perry can clean up his act sooner than later.

This year is a prime example of why a quarterback should be recruited in every class. Of course, Miami has issues outside of recruiting on its hands, but that doesn’t lessen the importance of bringing in quality talent.

Ultimately, Miami may be thin at the quarterback position in 2019, but the competition for the starting job will be fierce.