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What should Miami do if N’Kosi Perry is suspended for the Pinstripe Bowl vs Wisconsin?

With plenty of smoke that N’Kosi Perry may be suspended for the Pinstripe Bowl, here’s what Miami should do if that ends up being true

Miami v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

So, in case you missed it or aren’t a huge social media person as many of us are (by consumption, not by notoriety), Miami Hurricanes QB N’Kosi Perry could be suspended for the Pinstripe Bowl against the Wisconsin Badgers.

In teammate Gilbert Frierson’s Instagram Live video, the redshirt freshman Perry can be heard saying “I’m suspended, bro” during a comedy show. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has further details on that moment.

Perry made that statement on Frierson’s IG live video after UM’s student newspaper, The Miami Hurricane, reported that the Ocala-native Perry had posted a sexually explicit video of himself. The video is from September, but the Hurricane report was the first on the topic, which has led to plenty of vitriol and conjecture regarding Perry on social media.

Perry COULD have been joking in Frierson’s IG live. You know, a tongue-in-cheek type statement mocking those who have said or think that he should be suspended.

But, what if Perry WASN’T joking? What if he actually is going to be suspended for the Pinstripe Bowl based on something that happened in September? If that’s the case, here’s what Miami should do at the Quarterback position for the 2018 bowl game, which is to be played on December 27th at Yankee Stadium:

Start Jarren Williams.

Most of you get where I’m coming from, but for those how don’t, or want me to spell it out, here you go.

  1. Perry is suspended, so he can’t play.
  2. Cade Weldon isn’t a realistic option, so he’s not going to start.
  3. I’ve seen more than enough from Malik Rosier and do not desire to see him on the field again.
  4. I’ve seen Malik Rosier vs Wisconsin less than a year ago and do not want to have a repeat of that scenario.
  5. Malik Rosier is a 5th year senior with no more eligibility. Therefore, playing him in the bowl game does nothing for the future of this program.
  6. Jarren Williams is much more talented than Malik Rosier.
  7. Jarren Williams can play in this game while still maintaining his redshirt.
  8. Jarren Williams has plenty of talent, but — understandably — lacks game experience. This game against a P5 team would start to rectify the experience issue.
  9. Jarren Williams will be involved in the battle to start for the Miami Hurricanes in 2019. Malik Rosier will not.
  10. Jarren Williams reportedly considered transferring. Though, it should be noted, it was also reported that he NEVER considered transferring. In either event, playing him in the bowl game would be beneficial from this standpoint, to either push him away from transferring (if he actually considered such a move) or to strengthen his connection to the program/team (if he did not consider such a move).

Short story long: if N’Kosi Perry is going to be suspended for the Pinstripe Bowl, I would rather see the Canes play a more talented player at the QB position who will be a factor for the future — Williams — as opposed to Richt going back to a less talented player whose time with the program will end at the conclusion of Thursday’s bowl game — Rosier.

If Perry is suspended, starting Williams is the thing the Hurricanes SHOULD do. But, knowing Mark Richt, I fear he’ll do the thing he shouldn’t do, and go back to marginally talented “maturity” Rosier.

Here’s hoping Perry was just joking and messing with people so Mark Richt isn’t faced with making yet another bad decision at the QB position, something he’s done time and again throughout the 2018 season.

Go Canes