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GAME THREAD: New Era Pinstripe Bowl —Miami Hurricanes vs Wisconsin Badgers

Our final GameThread of the year, you guys!

State of the U photo by Mike Meredith

Hello again, friends! For the 3rd time this decade the Miami Hurricanes face the Wisconsin Badgers in a season-ending bowl game.

This time, the Canes and Badgers, both in the midst of very disappointing 7-5 seasons, meet in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. Here’s everything you need to prepare yourselves for the action:

Here’s How to Watch by Cam Underwood

Here’s our ‘Sconsin Q&A with Bucky’s 5th Quarter by Cam Underwood.

Here’s the Wisky side of the Q&A over on B5Q.

Here’s our Game Preview by Marshall Thomas.

Here’s our X’s and O’s Scheme Preview by Justin Dottavio.

Here’s our Matchup of the Week by Matt Washington.

And here’s all our Pinstripe Bowl content by all many different SOTU writers.

The 2018 season comes down to this. While a win won’t right all the wrongs of the year, nor will it erase the bad that we’ve seen, it would give Miami 8 wins, a bowl win (infrequent over the last 18 years), a win over a P5 team, and (hopefully) some momentum heading into the offseason. I mean, a win is better than the alternative, so we should go do that.

Hop in the comments and discuss all the action. Let’s go get a win, guys.

Go Canes