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Miami Hurricanes Athletic Director Blake James makes statement in support of Mark Richt

It was a pretty vague statement....except for one line.

University of Miami Introduces Mark Richt Photo by Joe Skipper/Getty Images

After the Miami Hurricanes were embarrassed on national Television YET AGAIN — this time a 35-3 embarrassment at the hands of the Wisconsin Badgers — UM Athletic Director Blake James took to twitter to make the following statement:

While this is largely a vague non-statement statement, there’s one part that stands out:

“...I know that Coach Richt is alongside me in that commitment to excellence”

Basically, regardless of anything else anyone is thinking, Mark Richt is going to be the coach at Miami.

Fine. James hired Richt. I understand the connection between the two and the desire to see him succeed here.

My questions are about the REST of the statement.

This effort and result has been seen ever since LAST YEAR. Miami is 7-9 int he last 16 games. How is implicitly empowering Richt to continue to run things without alteration helping things?

As it pertains to the “commitment to getting UM Football back to national prominence, and that process is underway” What tangible steps are being taken? What changes — and let’s be clear, without changes, things won’t change and this is lip service of the highest order — are you dictating be enacted? WHAT PROOF CAN YOU OFFER TO SUPPORT YOUR STATEMENT, MR. JAMES?!

As I said, the “vote of confidence” makes sense. I don’t fully agree with it, but I understand where it’s coming from.

I’d like to understand the process through which Miami Football is to return to national prominence and the process that is underway to aid in that resurgence.

Go Canes