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The Kids Aren’t Alright

Mark Richt has preached unity and togetherness throughout the 2018 season — it all came crashing down on Thursday night.

NCAA Football: Pinstripe Bowl-Wisconsin vs Miami Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout his tenure at Miami, Mark Richt has developed a careful and secretive method when it comes to dealing with the media. He typically responds to challenging questions with vague answers and placating statements. However, following Miami’s blowout loss to Wisconsin in the Pinstripe Bowl, the truth behind Richt’s narrative was exposed.

Miami’s loss in the Pinstripe Bowl was worse than just ‘bad,’ or ‘disappointing.’ It was embarrassing, fireable, and horrendous. For a team struggling to gain talented recruits — it’s the worst case scenario. It cuts deeper than that though, as some Hurricanes have voiced their frustration — something not commonly done throughout the year.

Sophomore Jonathan Garvin, a major force on defense, stated that “... the defense needs to stop feeling sorry itself and playing with a victim mentality.” Players such as Travis Homer and Tyree St. Louis added that multiple members of the team want more playing time and effort.

The break of ‘unity’ and positive reinforcement may be more than just post-game frustration though, as rumors of multiple players transferring have arisen late in the 2018 season. It shows that Richt’s method isn’t working. His method is also one that he won’t change unless Athletic Director Blake James steps in. Ultimately, we could quite possibly be watching Mark Richt ‘lose’ control of Miami.

The worst part about the 2018 season may be Richt’s lack of motivation. Motivation to adapt that is, as it’s clear to Miami fans that he doesn’t see a fixable issue on offense. Richt’s complacency must not define the whole program — although it did so in 2018. It’s supposed to be about winning, but Mark Richt has proved to us that he values pride and his personal enjoyment of calling plays more than beating opposing teams.

Change is what Miami desperately needs in the new year. If this motif of stubborness and ignorance continues, 2018 will have successfully set the ‘Canes back multiple years in terms of reaching the ‘next level.’ Essentially, this season must not be treated as a fluke or unlucky stretch — the dysfunction extends past the playing field, and it must be stopped.