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Which Miami Hurricanes offensive coaches should Manny Diaz keep?

It’s a question worth asking (and answering)

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So, we all know that Mark Richt has retired and Manny Diaz has been hired as the Miami Hurricanes Head Coach.

The main issue at present is what Diaz plans to have the Canes do offensively. Diaz mentioned during a radio interview that he wants to do things that make opposing defenses uncomfortable.

The translation I have for that: tempo, space, spread, and a different, non-conservative mentality.

Regardless of the final iteration of the offensive plan, Diaz will need to hire coaches to make his vision become a reality. Which likely means there will be some new coaches, and some current coaches will be let go.

We’ll talk about potential additions/upgrades later, but for now: which Offensive Coaches should stay and which should be thanked for their service and sent on their way elsewhere? Let’s look.

Coaches to Retain

RB coach Thomas Brown. He’s a strong on-field coach and one of the better recruiters on staff. He’s developed top players at Wisconsin, Georgia, and now Miami. He’s the named OC, however, so that may be an issue moving forward if Diaz wants to bring in someone else to lead/call the offense. But Brown’s on the list of keepers for me.

WR coach Ron Dugans. Another strong coach and recruiter, Dugans is well regarded and has done a good job here. He stays.

TE coach Todd Hartley. Miami is Tight End U, and Hartley is overseeing that position now. He’s done well in recruiting, and is clearly one of the top on-field coaches for this position, and has developed numerous NFL picks in his short time at Miami. Those 2 freshman TEs everybody raves about — Brevin Jordan and Will Mallory — and the best offensive signee in the 2019 class — 4-star WR Jeremiah Payton — are all Canes because of Hartley. He stays.

Coaches to Remove

Playcaller Mark Richt. I know this has already been taken care of by CMR’s retirement, but he was as much an offensive coach as HC, so I wanted to be sure I listed this as a departure/removal as well.

QB coach Jon Richt. Look, the only reason he had a job here in the first place was his last name. And, quite simply, QB play is the main reason why Miami had such terrible offensive struggles. In both recruiting and on-field coaching/player development, he hasn’t been good enough. Add in the fact that a new, playcalling OC will likely be QB coach as well, and that means there’s no room in the inn. Seeya, Jon.

OL coach Stacy Searels. If there’s a position that’s been as disappointing as QB, it’s the OL. Searels is very well compensated, and Miami got him away from several other offers when he was hired 3 years ago, but players are not developing, and recruiting in the last 2 cycles has the depth and talent substandard. Sometimes things don’t work out, and Searels’ time in Miami is one of those things. And that’s why he’s gotta go.

I’m sure that none of this is groundbreaking or surprising. It’s clear that Miami has 3 good/solid position coaches, and 3 (including the now-retired CMR) who need to be let go in favor of upgrades.

I’m sure Manny Diaz will make the decisions he feels will put Miami in the best place to succeed, but to my mind, that starts with relieving Jon Richt and Stacy Searels of their coaching duties.

Go Canes