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Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Radar: Analyzing Offensive Recruiting Classes for Florida, Miami, and FSU

Miami has the Edge Amongst Offensve Recruits


There’s plenty of reason to analyze the 2018 recruiting classes for Miami, Florida, and Florida State. It’s the first time in five years that Miami’s recruiting class is better rated, according to Rivals. These disparities in recruiting equated to FSU being more successful than both Miami and Florida since 2014.

Florida State Class Recruiting Ranks

2017 - 5

2016 - 2

2015 - 3

2014 - 4

Florida’s Class Recruiting Ranks

2017 - 9

2016 - 14

2015 - 23

2014 - 8

Miami’s Class Recruiting Ranks

2017 - 11

2016 - 23

2015 - 26

2014 - 12

2018’s Rivals rankings are as follows:

Miami - 6

Florida State - 10

Florida - 18

Let’s commit to a position by position breakdown. Offense in part one. Defense in part two. This list does not include athletes who could be plugged into any skill position role.


Miami - 4 star Jarren Williams

Florida - 4 star Emory Jones

Florida State - nothing

This one’s a draw. It seems as though Georgia could have easily had their pick amongst Williams and Jones, but Georgia hit pay dirt by nabbing Justin Fields. UM and UF are the lucky two. I like both prospects long term, but I expect Jones to be more active as a freshman. Florida’s current QB’s aren’t exactly fire breathers.

Running Back

Miami - 5 star Lorenzo Lingard, 4 star Camron Davis, 3 star Realus George

Florida - 4 star Iverson Clement, 4 star Dameon Pierce

Florida State - nothing

Some say FSU didn’t need a running back. FSU got a commitment from 4 star athlete Anthony Grant, who could play running back. They also return Cam Akers and are otherwise very deep at running back. Florida recruited some needed help. Miami, however, nailed it by bringing in Mr. Legit Lingard plus quality depth behind him. Add what some say is a sure fire starting fullback in George, and I’d predict Miami to have not just the better running back class in 2018, but a stronger running back depth chart headed into Spring practice compared to UF and FSU.

Wide Receiver/Tight End

Miami - 5 star WR Mark Pope, 4 star WR Brian Hightower, 4 star WR Marquez Ezzard, 3 star WR Daquris Wiggins, 4 star TE Brevin Jordan, 4 star TE Will Mallory

Florida - 4 star WR Justin Watkins, 4 star WR Justin Copeland, 4 star TE Kyle Pitts, 3 star TE Dante Lang

Florida State - 4 star WR D’Marcus Adams, 4 star WR Warren Thompson, 4 star WR Keyshawn Helton, 4 star WR Jordan Young, 4 star TE Camren McDonald

Hands down Miami’s bunch is MUCH better long term than what FSU and UF signed. First off, the tight ends UF and FSU bring in combined don’t equal one Brevin Jordan. Also, FSU’s tight end situation is dicey to say the least. Camren McDonald all of a sudden becomes a lone ranger at tight end. If FSU at any point needs someone else to step in due to, say, injury, FSU will be in a bad spot. Florida’s WR’s and TE’s seem like quality depth. No one stands out.

Offensive Line

Miami - 4 star Delone Scaife, 4 star Cleveland Reed, 4 star John Campbell

Florida - 4 star Richard Gouraige, 4 star Noah Banks, 3 star Griffin McDowell, 3 star Chris Bleich

Florida State - 4 star Christian Armstrong, 3 star Christian Meadows, 3 star Jalen Goss

An interesting stat line is that Miami hasn’t had a Rivals ranked five star offensive lineman since Seantrel Henderson in 2010. Florida’s last five star gem on the offensive line was Martez Ivey in 2015. Florida State? FSU has never recruited a five star recruit on the o-line since rankings started in 2002. For 2018, I like the star power Miami signed and also the quality and depth signed by Florida. To me, FSU’s o-line class is about as good as it’s ever been. That is to say average.


Miami out-recruited UF and FSU on the offensive side of the ball. Hands down. It’s a little closer defensively (which we’ll take a look at later this week).