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Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Radar: Breaking Down numbers in 2019

The next recruiting cycle is already underway, so let’s look at scholarship numbers for the Canes

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 18 Virginia at Miami Photo by Richard C. Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome back, recruiting junkies!

The Miami Hurricanes had an elite 2018 recruiting class, and we talked about it in depth. If you missed any of those piece from early or normal signing day, click this link and get caught up.

Now that that class is in the books, it’s time to shift our focus forward to 2019. And, for me, I like to start each cycle by looking at the numbers Miami will recruit at each position for the next year.

This is an annual reminder but worth saying: things can and do change over the course of a recruiting cycle. While these numbers are a good guideline based on depth at the position both on the roster and in the available talent pool, they are not the exhaustive or definitive.

Without further ado, let’s begin

Quarterback: 1

If you’ve been reading my recruiting radars over the course of the last 5 years, you know my #1 recruiting rule is that you have to have a QB in every class. That is a belief that won’t change, and Miami will need to bring in another player at this position in 2019.

With Malik Rosier being a senior and leaving the roster after the season, and the potential for one of the freshmen — N’Kosi Perry, Cade Weldon, or Jarren Williams — to transfer out of the program due to lack of playing time, I could easily see Miami bumping this number up to take 2 QBs in this class. But, for now, we’ll stick with 1 QB as the number.

Running Back: 2

It has been reported by multiple recruiting analysts and insiders that on the heels of 2018’s ELITE RB haul of Lorenzo Lingard, Cam Davis, and #1 Fullback Realus George, Miami is again looking to take 2 players at this position in 2019.

Wide Receiver: 3

Over the course of the last 2 cycles, Miami has garnered an elite group of pass catchers at the WR position.

Even with that being the case, Miami should be looking to add depth and talent. And, with plenty of talented players, and plenty of those talented players who are intersted in the University of Miami, another top tier class of 3 WRs should be the expectation.

WR coach Ron Dugans is one of the best recruiters in America at this position, as evidenced by the 2 year haul (and getting superstar Ahmmon Richards the year before that). Miami will do just fine at this spot in 2019.

Tight End: 2

Miami got the best TE class in 2018, but that won’t stop the Canes from going after another #2HeadedMonster in 2019. TE coach Todd Hartley is quickly becoming one of Miami’s best recruiters, and he will look to use his prodigious talents in that area to great success again in 2019.

Offensive Line: 3

Ever the position group that gets the most scrutiny, Miami will look to continue to build the OL in the 2019 recruiting class. I could easily see this number get pushed to 4 at this position, depending on how the board shakes out (and whether certain players will play on offense or defense).

But, regardless of the number of players taken at this position, Miami is after one thing on the OL this year: a top-tier LT prospect. Miami has taken several developmental players at OT in the last couple of years, but has yet to get that uber premium player at that position. In a perfect recruiting world, that changes this year and Miami gets a high 4-star/5-star OT in this class.

Defensive Line: 5

Much has been made of Miami only taking 3 DL in 2018, and rightfully so. This was a position of strength during the 2017 season, but talent and depth needs to be replaced. When you add in the upcoming losses to this position group to graduation and/or the NFL draft following the 2018 season, and it’s easy to see the need for big numbers at this group in the 2019 recruiting class.

Of these 5 (or more) players, Miami should look to get any combination of players that includes 2 (or more) DTs. South Florida is a breeding groups for elite DEs, so finding them shouldn’t be that difficult. The bonus this cycle is the talent at DT, which is greater in talent and number than 2018. New OLB coach Jonathan Patke should team with DL coach Craig Kuligowski to get the numbers at DL in this class that Miami needs to play at an elite level in future years.

Linebacker: 3

Miami’s starting LBs are now juniors. With the potential for them to leave to the NFL draft, and with middling talent at the position that could (should) get recruited over, Miami should be fully focused on bringing in multiple players at this position group.

Adding to the need for numbers in 2019 is the fact that Miami only took 1 LB in 2018. That was done for the express purpose of saving scholarships at this position for the 2019 class, which is loaded with talent both locally and nationally. Miami needs to hit a homerun at LB this year, plain and simple.

Defensive Back: 5

This position group, which is annually the most loaded group locally, is yet another one where Miami needs to get numbers in 2019.

Of the players in this group, Miami would be best served with Corners over Safeties, especially after missing on several premium CB targets in the 2018 recruiting class. The numbers are in Miami’s favor here, but it’s up to S coach Ephraim Banda and CB coach Mike Rumph to close the deal with the top targets at this position group.


So, after all of that, this is how I see the numbers breaking down for Miami in the 2019 recruiting class.

Miami Hurricanes 2019 Recruiting Class Numbers

QB RB WR TE OL DE DT LB CB S Best Available
QB RB WR TE OL DE DT LB CB S Best Available
1 2 3 2 3 3 2+ 3 3 2 (Any extra spots not filled)

In general, I could see a skill spot (WR, likely) switched to Defense, if the need arose. And, I could see QB pushed up to 2, depending on roster attrition.

But there you have it. My take on the numbers for Miami’s 2019 recruiting class.

We’ll come back tomorrow with a look at the players already committed, and have more on targets and names to know in the near future, too.

Crootin’ never stops.

Go Canes