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Miami Hurricanes Football: Arkansas State officially suing Miami, per reports

So, here we are....

Hurricane Irma Approaches Puerto Rico Photo by NASA/NOAA GOES Project via Getty Images

Last week, news broke that Arkansas State University was planning to sue the University of Miami over this year’s game between the 2 programs, which Miami canceled due to the imminent threat of Hurricane Irma. I wrote about this at the time, and let my outright disgust with Arkansas State be plainly known.

The “deadline” set by Arkansas State, February 16th, came and went. Miami did not acquiesce to Arkansas State’s demands (which are frivolous and without foundation per the clause used for the cancellation, in MY OPINION), and as such, Arkansas State is moving forward with their previous threat, and have sued the University of Miami.

From the above-linked article:

“It is unfortunate that we have reached this point, but Miami’s actions left us with no choice. We look forward to proceeding to trial,” ASU general counsel Brad Phelps said upon filing the suit.

Cool story, bro.

I said before that the easy move would be to cut Arkansas State a check — they’re asking for $650,000 for the canceled game — and move on.

But you know what? No. F*ck that. Miami used the “force maejure” clause (basically, the “Act of God” clause) for the cancellation since, you know, the largest and strongest storm in the recorded history of meteorology was headed directly at Miami. But Arkansas State is unwilling to accept that (are they stupid?! wait, that was rhetorical; don’t answer that) and want to take this to litigation. Fine. Have it your way.

As the FootballScoop posts states at the end, the most likely result is a settlement for less than $650,000 but more than nothing, and the teams will never play each other again.

That’s fine by me. Arkansas State is a nobody team from a nothing town in a nothing State. Miami altruistically gave them a chance to be next to greatness. That’s now over and done, and we’ll never play them again.

Miami shouldn’t have to pay those bums, either, but you already knew that.

More on this stupidity when it’s available.

Go Canes