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Miami Hurricanes Basketball: Canes not named in new slate of allegations

Miami being absent from the recently released allegations is a good thing, you guys.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We will not forget the bombshell that was Adidas and Miami, in which the latter left the scene bruised and battered by simply being vaguely implicated. Later diagnosed as nothing to it, Miami is still reeling. As of this post, Miami basketball hasn’t recruited a single player for 2019. Implications are killers.

In America, there’s the presumption of innocence. It’s an integral part of our judicial system. But in politics or basketball, there isn’t innocent until proven guilty, especially in the 21st century. Through any charge, a person is guilty, and if proven innocent, still remains guilty, depending on the severity of the charge.

There’s a magazine in Toledo called Buckeyes Behind Bars. That’s where people who are simply charged with a crime, usually minor like petty theft, DUIs, or trespassing, have their mug shots featured in a for-profit magazine. It lingers forever on the world wide web. You can imagine, then, how awful it was for Miami to be branded a cheater during the Adidas controversy. Clearly a story about a cheating Miami received more hits than a routine DUI.

ESPN recently reported on an even bigger category 5 level hurricane. An FBI investigation uncovered numerous instances when schools and players broke NCAA rules. These are allegations for now, but they sort of ring true, right?

According to ESPN....

Potential impermissible benefits and preferential treatment for players and families (including schools that had players who received $10,000 or more in questionable benefits): Duke, North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Michigan State, USC, Alabama, NC State, Seton Hall, LSU, Maryland, Washington.

Yes, Miami was not mentioned in this recent report. Something further tells me that Miami’s head basketball coach probably won’t be caught on tape trying to arrange 100,000 k to secure recruits ala Arizona’s Sean Miller, also an ESPN exclusive. There is something systematically wrong about college basketball unless we believe that such accusations are fundamentally fake news.

Colleges make millions of dollars per year off of sports, namely football and basketball. Grand Canyon, and its only “one in America for profit basketball team,” as an institution makes more money than WWE (another ESPN story).

Here are some predictions on the fallout.

  1. Sean Miller will get fired. Meaning Arizona basketball is in peril.
  2. A bunch of high profile basketball players are fixing to lose eligibility.
  3. I predict at least one other high profile basketball head coach loses his job.
  4. Miami’s not implicated. Miami did nothing wrong. Miami should not be looked upon in the same way.
  5. If the first two predictions come to fruition, expect March Madness to suffer greatly.

If Miami can finish the season unscathed by these terrible eligibility revelations sweeping college basketball we can collectively breathe a huge sigh of relief. But what good is that, being clean, if it’s already been suggested or implied that we were not?