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Miami Hurricanes Football: A Fantasy Approach to Finding the Tenth Assistant Coach

On the heels of the late National Signing Day period, we speculate about some Miami legends returning to the sideline.

Hurricanes vs Panthers Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images

With all the attrition going on in the NFL, there’s a healthy pool of candidates who could make the transition to restart their careers in the college football ranks. On January 9th, the new rule allowing CFB programs to add a 10th assistant coach was officially implemented to accommodate the influx of coaching staff from the NFL.

There has been rumblings regarding who head coach Mark Richt could/would name to his coaching staff, but that’s not going to stop us from taking some liberties of our own to help out. There are couple obvious names, and a few off-the-radar selections. Given that we’re living in a world where Herm Edwards is coaching an FBS program, anything is possible.

In no particular order, let’s start with Ed Reed. A soon-to-be inductee of the CFB Hall of Fame, Reed is a former Hurricane with strong ties to the current coaching staff. The former NFL All-Pro was a coach at last year’s Paradise Camp and recently was a coach at the Under Armor All-American game. Considered to be one of the best defensive backs in the history of the game, Reed brings a high Football IQ, leadership and positive aura to a team. Reed has been upfront admitting that he would be willing to do whatever he could with the program. Having served under former Buffalo Bills’ head coach Rex Ryan as an assistant DB coach two seasons ago, hiring the 2004 Defensive Player of the Year would also benefit him on his journey into coaching.

This next candidate is a Hurricane legend who enjoyed a lengthier stay along the sideline than many of his predecessors. QB Ken Dorsey sets up as an intriguing candidate to return to Coral Gables. Having captained the program to its last national championship, Dorsey went up to Canada for a cup of coffee with the CFL before heading back to the NFL to work for the Panthers in 2011. The ’Canes all-time passing leader worked his way up to be named QB coach in 2013, tasked with helping Cam Newton find success in the NFL. With Newton winning the NFL MVP award in 2015 and taking the Panthers to Super 50, Dorsey might have become a hot commodity. Unfortunately, people gave most of the praise to the Newton when things went well and foot the blame to Dorsey and then-offensive coordinator Mike Shula. Now a free agent, Dorsey could remain in the NFL, looking for that elusive chance to prove himself as a coordinator or take another positional job.

Miami Hurricanes Beat Nebraska Cornhuskers for National Championship Photo by Jon Soohoo/WireImage

There were rumors that Dorsey could have made the move back to college football when the Hurricanes closed the door on the Al Golden era, but that never materialized. Given the current landscape of quarterback play at Miami, Dorsey’s voice would be more than welcome on a daily basis. What is holding us back from seeing this through is likely the fact that Dorsey has bigger ambitions than being an assistant coach — perhaps being an offensive coordinator or something very close. Given CMR’s insistence on calling plays on game days, there are some stumbling blocks for this reunion to play out in reality.

ESPN already lost one college football analyst last season when Chip Kelly took the UCLA head coaching gig. What if Jonathan Vilma decided to shed that winter coat up in Bristol, Connecticut, and stay in Miami year-round? This is more a fantasy booking, even though Vilma was reportedly offered the linebacker coach position for the Bruins as well. There’s no doubt that Vilma’s football acumen, personality and teaching methods would fit right in with the rest of the staff; however, it feels as though Vilma is in too good of a spot in his sports media career to want to leave to be on the sideline.

Warren Sapp. What can you say about the man? He rubs people the wrong way sometimes. He loves the U. He zips around on a scooter during games. The man is a character. That said, he’s also one of the best to ever put his hands in the dirt and fight in the trenches. Sapp has recently imparted advice to future NFL defensive line hopefuls as a mentor. While there has been no official word on if No. 99 would like to be an official member of the coaching staff — seeing as he marches to his own beat — there would be benefits to bring Sapp in talk to young men on the defensive line.

There are so many possibilities, almost too many to cover. So who do you think will fill out the coaching roster and who would your fantasy selection be? Maybe they’re one in the same. Let us know.