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NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday: Miami Hurricanes preview and How to Watch

The Canes are heading to the NCAA tournament. Here’s how to watch and know where they’ll be going.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Miami vs North Carolina Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

For College Basketball teams, Selection Sunday is an annual rite of passage. It was always on the same channel, at the same time, with the same format, and everybody was set with that.

Until now.

We’re still on Selection Sunday, but pretty much everything else about the situation, and the bracket reveal, has changed.

The first big change is that the NCAA Tournament Selection Show will move from its previous home on CBS to TBS. So, now, there’s a barrier for entry of having cable, when previously anyone with a TV could watch it. With that, according to Awful Announcing, the Selection Show will now originate from Atlanta, GA, not New York, NY. That’s not the biggest deal ever, because TV shows go anywhere.

With the NCAA Tournament selection show coming from TBS studios in Atlanta, there will now be a live, studio audience. I....have no idea why that matters, but hey, that’s what they’re going to do, so, okay?

The biggest change to the announcements, starting this year, is that TBS will remove the “bubble drama”, teams waiting until the end of the bracket reveal to know if they’re team is in or out. Instead, TBS will announce all 68 teams in order, in the first 10 minutes of the show. So, everybody will know the teams who are in, and also the teams that are out, nice and early.

Then after some discussion of the teams who are in the field, TBS will come back later in the show and reveal the BRACKET placement of those teams. That will reportedly be within the first hour of the show, and the 2nd hour will be further breakdown of the entire, released bracket.

For the Miami Hurricanes, there is no drama this year: the Canes, 22-9 on the year and 3rd int he ACC’s regular season, will undoubtedly be in the tournament. With a strong resume and profile, here are some of the bracketology projections for the Canes:

TL; dr? — Expect the Canes to be somewhere on the 6, maybe 7 line. And, we’ll know nice and early the seeding, but will have to wait a bit to know the rest of the details (region, opponent, tip-off, etc).

Here’s how you can watch the new, improved (?) NCAA Tournament Selection Show:

  • What: NCAA Tournament Selection Show
  • When: 6 PM
  • TV: TBS, check your cable listings for channels.
  • Stream: March Madness App,

See you later, and Go Canes!