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Miami Hurricanes Football: The Deejay Dallas Hype Train is here.

Deejay Dallas is ready to have a breakout sophomore year

Capital One Orange Bowl - Miami v Wisconsin Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Last year we got a glimpse of the talent that Deejay Dallas possesses, but early indication is that Mark Richt will let him loose this year. Deejay came to Miami without a position, just tons of athletic ability and upside. He found a home at WR during the summer, and spent most of the early season buried in the depth chart. An early season ending injury to Mark Walton forced Richt to switch Deejay to RB due to the lack of depth at the position.

For the most part, Travis Homer was seeing the bulk of the carries from the backfield and he was being used as a true workhorse back. Even though Dallas was barely playing, his presence was felt. His coming out party was against Notre Dame in which he was tasked with closing the game out and did it with 53 yards and his first two career touchdowns.

Where Deejay really made his presence felt in his first year was as a Wildcat QB. As you know, the QB play was very inconsistent, and downright poor by the end of the season. Dallas was singlehandedly carrying the entire offense for stretches in the last games, including an amazing touchdown against Wisconsin in the Orange Bowl.

Deejay showed flashes of a special player last season, and even though it is early in the spring, he has built off of a successful freshman year. I know it’s early, and practices are limited to the media, but the hype is real.

While Homer might be given the first crack at the starting job, and incoming freshman Lorenzo Lingard will get his chance, this is starting to look like the Deejay Dallas show. At times it was frustrating to see Miami fail to give this man the ball more, despite his effectiveness. The early indication in spring is that Dallas is ready to take on a bigger role, he is even getting a look at returner, which something I believe he should have been doing since last year. Miami looks ready to take the reigns of and let Deejay Dallas run loose.

Go Canes!