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Rep Miami basketball with our new “Underrated” shirt

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The world is sleeping on Miami basketball right now. They’ve been quietly solid, but not stealing national headlines as much this season. But that’s okay. They head into the NCCA Tournament quietly underrated, and undeterred, prepared to show the world what they can do. Just ask UNC. Or Virginia Tech.

If you live your life with that same attitude, you may want to grab one of our new t-shirts celebrating this season, from our pals at BreakingT.

Shipping is lightning quick and included, so you’ll have plenty of time to wear yours ahead of this weekend, when the Canes will be dancing.

And if you’re all set in the t-shirt department, but are looking more to upgrade your footwear, we’ve got you covered as well, with some new State of the U socks.

Look good. Feel good. Play good.