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Miami Hurricanes Basketball: 2018-19 ACC Conference matchups announced

Here’s who the Canes will be playing in ACC play next season

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Miami vs Loyola Chicago Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As is yearly tradition, the ACC announced the matchups for conference games on Tuesday morning.

This release details who each team will play, not when. The schedule of games and TV coverage will come out later.

But, for now, we’ll take a look at who will be on the conference slate for Miami in 2018-19.

For the TL;DR crowd, here are the matchups for the Canes

Home and Home: FSU, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Wake Forest

Home only: Clemson, Georgia Tech, NC State, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh

Away only: Duke, Virginia, Louisville, Syracuse, Boston College

The home-and-home group is good. FSU is a rival, so getting them twice makes sense. Virginia Tech is improving under Buzz Williams. So, too, is Wake Forest under Danny Manning. And, North Carolina is an elite program and having them twice gives Miami 2 shots at a marquee win, LIKE THE ONE IN CHAPEL HILL FROM THIS PAST YEAR!

The home-only slate is underwhelming, to be honest. None of those teams really excite me from a matchup standpoint, with Clemson and Notre Dame being the best 2 teams, with North Carolina State getting an honorable mention. So, all in all, the home slate is adequate but unspectacular.


The away-only slate is TOUUUUUGH!!!! I mean......who did Miami piss off to get this away game grouping? Boston College is bad, but Miami’s lost there recently a couple of times so that’s no gimme. Syracuse is Syracuse. But the rest? WHEW.

Duke. Who, yanno, is Duke, and jut got the top 3 players in the 2018 recruiting class. Not their top 3 targets. THE TOP 3 PLAYERS NATIONALLY! So yeah, they’ll be talented.

Louisville. They have a new coach and whatnot, but they’re good and tough and that’s always a tough place to play.

Then, the worst. THE ABSOLUTE WORST. Virginia. I want to rinse my eyes out with bleach just thinking about watching them play basketball. But, the bright side is I only have to do it once next season so that’s nice.

So, those are the home/away matchups for Canes Hoops in 2018-19. We’ll have more when the non-conference schedule is announced, and also leading up to the season.

Any games you looking forward to? Let me know.

Go Canes