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Miami Hurricanes Pro Football: Tracking Where Canes Alum Ended Up in Free Agency

Frank Gore Back Again in Miami While Allen Hurns Honors the Parkland Shooting Victims

NFL: AFC Championship-Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Since I was responsible for the NFL stat recaps during this past NFL season, I figured I’d buckle down and find out which Canes are signing new deals for the 2018 season and beyond. In one regard, not having a lot of free agents means I have less to write about, though I am happy so many Canes alums are financially covered for 2018.

Olsen Pierre was tendered as an exclusive free agent. Congrats Olsen! There’s Twitter chatter that Olsen is better or at least comparable to Mr. Suh. Getting love is the first step to being that great.

Allen Hurns recently signed with the Dallas Cowboys. The fake news suggested that Dez Bryant was getting replaced. Not so fast. Terrance Williams is purported to be replaced. Hurns is a huge upgrade over Terrance. Allen’s contract is for 2 years and 12 million dollars and a 2.5 mil signing bonus according to Spotrac.

Call Allen a trend setter. He’s wearing number 17 in honor of the Parkland shooting victims.

Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker Anthony Chickillo was recently tendered an original round pick. That means that the Steelers have the option to pick up 2018 for Chick if they so choose. Or let Chick sign with another team and receive a 6th round draft pick in return.

Congrats as well to Ladarius Gunter who the Panthers resigned. Contract details were not announced as of this writing.

Of course we know that Frank Gore signed with the hometown Dolphins. It’s an amazing signing for Dolphins fans. For a relatively low 1,015,000 dollars.

Frank, in a weird twist, only accepted a 90k signing bonus. Odd for a football player of his caliber. See that story here.

Everyone pretty much is geeked to get Frank Gore in Miami again. Here are five thoughts on Frank Gore signing with Miami.

That’s my recap of pro canes signing off-season deals. Sure things could change if someone gets waived. Tis the nature of pro football. Not a lot of action for Pro Canes as so many of them are under contract already for 2018.

What will be exciting is to watch where players like Mark Walton go on draft day.