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Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Radar: 2019 WR Brieon Fuller Decommits

Early attrition in the 2019 recruiting class

WR Brieon Fuller is back on the market

On Monday morning, 4-star Doral (FL) Academy WR Brieon Fuller decommitted from the Miami Hurricanes.

A 4-star recruit, Fuller has talent, but the connection to Miami had waned in recent months, which led to today’s decommitment.

Miami still has a commitment from elite WR Jeremiah Payton in the 2019 recruiting class, and are pursuing several other elite WR options as well. While it’s never a “good” thing to lose a player of Fuller’s caliber, other options are available.

And, on that point, it brings me to a question someone posed to me on twitter just minutes ago:

My answer is this: after the last 2 recruiting classes, where Miami dropped several WR commits and replaced them with other ELITE players, I’m at the point where I trust WR coach Ron Dugans implicitly with his recruiting.

Remember when Miami dropped Kevaughn Dingle, and I (and others) bemoaned that move? Dugans got Jeff Thomas and Mike Harely to replace him.

Remember last cycle when Miami had 3 WRs and teams were pushing to flip Mark Pope but we ended up keeping him AND added 4-star Marquez Ezzard on National Signing Day? I do.

And because of those moves, both theoretical (on who to recruit) and tangible (who Miami signed), I’m 100% trusting Ron Dugans’ recruiting choices from here on out. So, if it was his decision to back off Fuller, then so be it. He’s earned the benefit of any doubt on my part.

Fuller’s decommitment drops Miami down to 10 commits in the 2019 recruiting class. Even still, the class is still ranked #2 in America for this cycle at this early juncture.

We wish Brieon Fuller all the best in his future endeavors, but the show for Miami goes on.

More on recruiting in the coming days.

Go Canes