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Miami Hurricanes Hoops: With 4 Transfers, Miami is Getting Better Moving Forward

Our Basketball Team Saved by the Ever Growing Transfer Market

NCAA Basketball: Florida Gulf Coast at Wichita State Kelly Ross-USA TODAY Sports

To this day, the Miami Hurricanes do not hold a high school commitment for their basketball team. Having lost at minimum Bruce Brown and Lonnie Walker to the NBA draft, one would think Miami’s basketball team is hovering over live fire. But thanks to the transfer market, Miami could field a strong basketball team next year.

Here’re the tidbits from who we landed in the last few weeks.

Zach Johnson

Our own Cam Underwood wrote this piece about Zach Johnson.

As you can see in the clip, Zach is adept at scoring.

In the same game, Zach showed off his defensive capabilities.

Thankfully, we were able to get Zach. You can’t really compare him to high school prospects as he’s heading into his 5th year of college basketball. If you did, one could assure you that Zach Johnson will have as much impact next year for Miami as any impact freshman would.

Kam McGusty

Here’s Cam’s story about Kam’s transfer.

Although Kam will have to sit out the next year, he’s still a huge pick up for Miami. Kam was a 4 star recruit when he committed to Oklahoma. These are some highlights from Kam’s game against TCU when he scored 22 points. Imagine Kam as a high level recruit for the 2019 class. He’s an impactful player, and the fact that we don’t have a recruit in 2019 is sort of minimized by Kam’s decision to transfer to Miami.

Anthony Mack

Cam’s on fire. He recently wrote about Mack transferring from Wyoming.

I would consider Anthony Mack as a quality depth player. He’s not as refined as McGusty or Johnson, but not every recruit ends up being a star. Sometimes a team needs depth and quality rotations.

This YouTube clip is really interesting. Apparently Mack reclassified as a junior in high school so he could have more time to prepare physically for college.

Miles Wilson

Last year Michelle Kaufman and Barry Jackson wrote about Miles transferring to Miami.

After sitting last year, Miles is ready to contribute. Even though he couldn’t play, Miles practiced with the Miami Hurricanes basketball team. Here’s a clip.


Yes, we don’t have a single commitment to the basketball program. All hope is not lost. Thank goodness for the NCAA transfer rules. Because of those rules, we’ll be able to field a high quality team the next two years even if we don’t recruit a single high school player.