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2018 NFL Draft: Miami Hurricanes DE Chad Thomas Drafted by the Cleveland Browns

Major Nine will be gathering producing accolades in Cleveland for the foreseeable future.

Defensive End Chad Thomas is the first Cane off the board
Getty Images photo/ Mike Meredith - State of the U Illustration

After making a name for himself on the music scene as a producer/artist, Chad Thomas has now officially become a member of the ProCane fraternity. Drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the third round, Thomas will be looking to set the edge against the run and provide a pass rush for his new team.

One of the staples on the Hurricanes’ defense this past season, Thomas brings leadership, enthusiasm and high character to Cleveland. His contributions on the field are hard to deny—just as his accolades in the music industry are. But his connection to his community in South Florida should not be overlooked, a connection that should continue now that he’s a professional.

Thomas is the next in line of Miami’s lineage of edge-rushers in the NFL. Thomas joins 2017 Defensive Player of the Year nominee Calais Campbell, Olivier Vernon, Allen Bailey, Ufomba Kamalu and Al-Quadin Muhammad among the current defensive end fraternity.. Thomas becomes the third Hurricane in the last seven years to be drafted in the third round alongside Olivier Vernon (2011) and Allen Bailey (2012).

Major Nine has become a major commodity, look for the trend to continue throughout his career. Thomas now joins fellow ProCane RB Duke Johnson and TE David Njoku on the Browns next season.

Chad Thomas’s Senior Profile

Chad Thomas’s NFL Draft Profile

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